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The thought of upping and leaving your regular life behind for a few months of travel in a far-off continent can be daunting. How will you manage to get the time off work? What will your family and friends think? Do you have the courage to go off alone?

All of these questions may be circulating in your mind, but the important thing is that you can let yourself be free and have your own adventure, find yourself, and come back home better off for the experience.


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The first step to planning your perfect getaway is to decide where you want to spend your travels. There are so many different countries and regions in the world which are there to be discovered and enjoyed, and you will now face the hard task of choosing your destination.

Australasia and North America

If you are a first-time backpacker and aren’t sure whether you are ready to dive in at the deep end and leave civilization behind- the USA and Australasia are a great option because they are westernized.

South East Asia and the Far East

Asia is an exotic paradise for the more adventurous backpacker. Often far from Wifi, this is one for the explorer within you.

Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East and Africa

India is a hub of life, activity and colour. It attracts many backpackers with its wide culture and stunning architecture. African countries such as Egypt are great for tour groups because it has rich history and culture.

Central America and South America

With beautiful jungles and tropical beaches, this is a great option for those who want to be captivated by stunning scenery.


Europe is an incredibly diverse continent. You could experience the history of the UK, stunning French Riviera, or even go skiing in the Alps. There is a multitude of rich cultures to immerse yourself in.

Take care of the essentials

Once you have chosen where to go, you’ll need to sort out some essentials for the trip. Aside from packing your bag and setting off, you will need to apply for a Visa, including budgeting for the trip ahead, get any required vaccinations such as for polio, and sort out travel insurance.

Get in touch and book your trip

Many travel agents will offer you the opportunity to book packages for your trip away; including the chance to book a tour with a guide and stick to an itinerary for the duration of your stay. This can make the trip much less stressful and daunting because you’ll be in safe hands and surrounded by other travelers in the same boat as you.

Have Fun With Your Travels

Just because you will be spending the next few months in small hotels and youth hostels; doesn’t mean you can’t add that little bit of luxury to your trip before you even begin. Who wants to be stuck on a cramped plane when they are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives? Instead, why not go to a site such as westpalmjetcharter and hire yourself a private jet for the day? You’ll be able to relax, drink some fizz and get ready for the impending journey.

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