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    Breaking Down The Perfect Proposal


    Everybody dreams about the moment they get proposed to. It’s a special, memorable event that you’ll cherish forever.

    What’s wonderful about getting engaged is that it’s different for everyone – everyone has their own unique and wonderful story. Sometimes it’s a spontaneous event, other times it’s been meticulously planned.

    But what goes into the ideal proposal? If popping the question is on the cards for you, take a look at these tips for breaking down the perfect proposal. Read more

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    Puglia Wedding Destination

    puglia masseria

    Hosting elegant weddings is one of the specialties of Puglia, the core of Italy. If you want to enjoy an enchanting wedding under the clear sky of Mediterranean land, then no place is better than Puglia. Apulia is the real name of Puglia. Puglia word is given to the region by the Italians. It is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy where you can find a perfect amalgam of land area and the beaches.

    It is having some of the heart-warming locations for the couples where the love is in the entire vicinity. You can find the world’s best wedding venues in Puglia.

    It is a place where you can enjoy an elegant wedding laying back all the swiftness of your life and can have the experience of feeling fresh and tingling air. Read more

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    Four Effective Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding


    This life is filled with all kinds of significant events and moments. Throughout your eighty or so years on this planet, each week has something in store for us. It’s not often that something as big as a wedding happens, however. You can go through life creating all kinds of memories, but your big day is probably the most notable. Yes, the day your kids are born probably trumps it, but they’re in a completely separate league! Read more

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    How to Hire Photography and Videography from The Same Company


    There are many bride and groom who are searching for the best way to commemorate and celebrate their wedding. There are many ways that have been used to celebrate a wedding since the old ages, starting from paintings, photography and so forth. The reason that everyone would like to celebrate this event is that it is a once in a lifetime event.

    While there are many people who are still confused between using photography or videography, it is worth to note that there are many companies that offer the services of both. Why not have the best of both world rights? To know more, check out Wure and motion photography are truly symbolic services.

    More so than any other two vendors you will hire on your wedding day. The reason why there are a lot of people that prefer photography is that it is incredible in capturing visual beauty in stunning detail, while videography is exceptional in capturing emotional beauty through the power of storytelling. Read more

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    Ways in Picking the Right Wine Label for Your Wedding Day

    wine label, picking wine for wedding

    Wedding deems the most significant events mostly awaited by every couple. It needs a long time to prepare to achieve the most exceptional wedding experience in your life. There are a lot of things you should consider to make sure you get the happiest moment of your life. You have to understand the planning, reservations, and the amount you are going to spend to get the best wedding you wanted to keep.

    It entails a perfect moment of union celebration where a specific couple becomes one. A wedding does not only talk about the ceremony itself. It includes a party celebration that you and your visitors you should enjoy. You have to ensure that the food and drinks you serve on your wedding day can please everyone. Read more

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    Avoid These Do-It-Yourself-Don’ts When Planning Your Wedding

    wedding planning, do's and don'ts, wedding diy, flower, budget, planner, wedding tips

    If you have decided to forego the expense of a wedding planner, then the details surrounding your wedding are down to you. There is much to think about, although as you have probably been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, you might already have everything in place – in your head, at least.

    Still, mistakes can happen, so to ensure your hopes of a dream wedding aren’t dashed, you might want to consider this short list of don’ts when you’re in the planning stages of your wedding. Read more

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    Wedding Dress Then and Now – What Changed During Last 100 Years?

    wedding dress

    Wedding dresses have changed over the past century. While some looks came and went, others have recycled through with slight variations as the years have gone by.

    The history of the wedding dress is a fascinating way to look at the evolution of fashion over time. Here’s some insight into how wedding dresses have changed over the past 100 years. Read more

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    Wedding Budgeting

    wedding budget

    Budgeting Tips For Planning A Wedding

    Planning a wedding can be chaotic, confusing and stressful, but sorting out the budget is a big part of taking away the stress and managing the whole process. We’ve teamed up with, experts in short term loans, to bring you 5 practical steps to make budgeting for a wedding a whole lot easier.

    5 Steps To Manage Your Wedding Budget

    1. Make A List

    One of the very first things you should do is make a list. Brainstorm and write down every single element of your wedding and get specific. Don’t forget to think about before the wedding and after, like where you’ll stay that night and the honeymoon. You could use a tool like Trello to make the lists, then you can easily move things around to different columns as they’re completed or dealt with.

    Whether your wedding is going to be big or small, you will need to do this to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. The list is going to be long! However, at this stage, you just want to write everything and anything down. You’ll start sorting it later.

    2. Sort By Cost

    Once you’ve got your list, you should then note down whether, on the whole, each thing is cheap, moderate or costly. For example, the venue is probably going to be pricey while the decorative bunting might be cheap! This will be really helpful when it comes to stage 5. Assign a category for everything from the small to the big things.

    3. Make Some Basic Decisions

    At this point, there are some basic things you need to consider. Firstly, if you haven’t decided already, you’ll need to work out whether you want a big or small wedding, specifically in terms of the number of guests. This is going to be really important in working out how big your budget is going to need to be and how it’s going to be distributed.

    You’ll also need to think about how much of a ‘homemade’, DIY wedding you want to have. Some people are happy to do a lot of the things themselves, making the table decorations or the favors, for example, while others wouldn’t want this at all. It’s worth thinking and talking about so you can consider it in step 5!

    4. Family Gifts

    Weddings are often a time when family members show their generous sides. It might be that you have family members that want to contribute financially to the wedding. You’ll want to take this into account when it comes to budgeting and when thinking about how you’re going to distribute your budget.

    A lot of the time, family members might want to pay for specific things. For example, your dad might want to pay for the wedding dress or your uncle might want to buy the wine.

    It’s important when you’re having these conversations to really clarify exactly what the person means and how much they’re expecting this to cost. If your parents say they want to pay for the wedding, find out if they have a budget in mind, whether they mean the whole thing, and what they’re picturing.

    It might also be worth seeing if there are any caveats involved! They might be willing to pay for the wedding as long as they get to choose the guest list, for example. Make sure everything is really clear so you can make informed decisions about your budget.

    5. Your Priorities

    Once you have everything noted down, with the most basic guide to cost (cheap, moderate, costly), and you have an idea of how your family wants to contribute, you can start thinking about what your priorities are.

    You can think big priorities — some people choose to prioritize the honeymoon over the reception, for example — but also your smaller priorities. How important is food for you? Or music? Use your cheap-moderate-costly list to see what things you might be able to move to other categories to make way for the things that are more important to you.

    For example, you might have put both the photographer and the cake in the ‘moderate’ price category. However, you could then decide that having a great photographer means a lot to you while the cake doesn’t, so you can shift your budget so the cake will cost less and you can spend more on the photographer.

    If you decided you’re happy to do a few DIY things, then put these next to some of the items on your list. What are your talents (or what are your family good at!) that you could utilize?

    When you know where your priorities lie, you can start to decide where you want to place the emphasis on your budget: where you want to spend more and which things you’re happy to cut back on.

    Following these five steps should help you to manage your budget in a way that suits you as a couple perfectly — without missing things out!

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    Tying the Knot Abroad: How to Prepare for a Wedding Overseas

    wedding overseas

    Waking up to a grey sky on your wedding day can be disheartening – of course, it won’t affect the magic of the day itself, but it can still be frustrating. Aside from guests not showing up, messing up the vows, and forgetting the wedding rings, bad weather is one of the top wedding fears. That could be why more couples than ever before are choosing to tie the knot in a foreign country.

    If you already have a dream destination in mind, you might want to take some time to read up on the laws of the country before you make your decision. Here are some rules and regulations surrounding getting married in some of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. Read more

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