K-Beauty Tricks to Achieve that Korean Glow

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A day and night beauty routine once consisted of just four steps: cleansing, toning, treating (optional), and moisturizing. Enter the K-beauty routine, which gave birth to eight to 10 steps to make sure you get that Korean “glow.” If you are unsure of what this glow means, check out photos of K-pop stars, actors, actresses, and even social media influencers. You will notice this natural shimmer on their skin that when put side-by-side by someone who doesn’t use the K-beauty routine, this other person’s skin looks extraordinarily dull and dry.

How do you get that Korean glow? And do you have to overhaul your entire beauty routine to achieve that?

Well, the straight answer is, if you are not using Korean beauty products; now is the time to make the switch. And you cannot just use any other product. First off, have an in-store or online beauty specialist determine which range of products you must utilize for your skin tone and type. There is no point using products for oily skin when you have a combination skin. You will only be wasting your time and energy if you do so. So, the first step in following the K-beauty routine is to choose the right products for you.

Next, you must be ready to exert more time and energy in completing the beauty routine every single day. You must be diligent in following each step, and you should never skip a day since missing out even for just one day can cause a stalling on your improvements. If you are keen to follow the K-beauty routine, expect to spend 30 minutes of prepping your skin in the morning, and another 30 minutes in the evening. And this half an hour does not include putting on makeup just yet.

Now that you’ve chosen the right products and you are now determined to allow sufficient time in a day for your beauty routine; here are top tips that can help you achieve that well-sought-for Korean glow:

1. Use two types of cleansers

Double cleansing,” as it is called, should not be mistaken for using too many products all at once which can be damaging to your skin. For the K-beauty routine, you must use two different types of cleansers: one is oil-based which is used to clear out any impurities from dirt and makeup that you may have, and another is water-based which should help rehydrate your skin after a long day. You must also expend time in massaging your face as you apply the cleanser because these motions can help push for better skin circulation.

2. Use serum and essences

Serum and essences are the highlights of any Korean beauty routine. These weren’t available in the international market for the longest time not until the Korean beauty industry released these innovative products. Serums and essences are concentrated products made from natural ingredients (such as snail cream and Manuka honey, among others) and they pack in a lot of nutrients for the skin to absorb. These products are best applied after patting your face and neck dry after the cleansers because a dab of water can help you better absorb the serum and essences. Allow for the serum to stay on your skin. Do not wash this off until you wake up the next day.

A quick note, to look for products made with natural ingredients and steer clear from those produced with synthetics.

3. Eat loads of skin-friendly foods

South Korea is incomplete without its signature dishes made with ginseng, garlic, ginger, and kimchi. The country’s cuisine is stock full of vegetables, fruits, and seafood, and so while Koreans have a healthy beauty routine, they have a healthy diet, too.

These are the Koreans’ secrets to achieving that skin glow everyone’s been dreaming about. Remember, it’s not just about your beauty routine, but also about what you put in your body. So, along with a steady everyday routine, you must also make sure you’re getting the best nutrients for your body. Confidence does wonders, too.

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