Is South America Family Friendly? Por Supuesto (Of Course)

Are you looking for a family friendly holiday destination?

One that’s fun, safe and welcoming – maybe even a bit educational?

South America might not have occurred to you immediately – but it should do. Because it has so much to offer for your next adventure.

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Who chooses South America?

It’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring mountains and tropical rainforests. It’s a dream destination for many young families – but where is the best place for a first time visitor to start?


Mar de Ajó is a coastal town in Argentina’s Buenos Aires region – and it’s one of the most family-friendly places in South America. It enjoys mild temperatures and has beautiful beaches – with gentle currents and plenty of lifeguards. So it’s an idyllic spot to teach young children to swim.

And Buenos Aires itself is a buzzing cosmopolitan capital city.- with plenty of museums and attractions to see. At Its centre is the Plaza de Mayo, which is lined with stately 19th-century buildings So you can soak up the culture as well as the seaside.


Termas del Daymán is home to a large hot spring, and it’s got a really relaxing, friendly atmosphere. Many Uruguayan families also holiday here – there’s even a nearby water park called Acuamanía. So your kids can have fun, between all the sightseeing – which should include, by the way, the capital – Montevideo.

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Ecuador and Galapagos

If you’re looking for an educational visit to the region, you couldn’t do better than the Galapagos Islands. You and the family will discover a whole range of fascinating wildlife and vistas here. And moonlike landscapes, interspersed with rugged vegetation.

There’s a truly memorable, unique atmosphere here – so why not choose a Galapagos family vacation? This beautiful place will relax as well as invigorate you – and remember these islands even inspired Darwin. So you could even strike up a conversation with your kids about evolution! If you can drag them away from all the fascinating sights, that is.

On the Ecuadorian mainland, older children will be awe inspired by the rainforest – or you can check out the baroque churches in Quito. You could walk in the footsteps of Spanish conquistadors and Incan warriors. Kids love to hear about and visit such historical places.

While we’re discussing that, you could even have a chat about lost countries while you’re over there. We said it could be an educational trip – along with the fun!

Join an organized tour in South America

Organized tours of South America have much to recommend them.- particularly if it’s your first trip to the region. You can travel with awesome, like minded families – and your kids can make friends – which adds to their holiday.

It’s a great way to be sure you make the most of your journey – without the effort that goes into planning your own trip.

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When you let someone else do the planning, you’ve got more time to relax as a family – which is great news. So why not check out what’s available now?

Wherever you choose to travel in South America – you’re sure of a real experience and adventure. And it will stay in your memories – and family legend – for years.


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