Ways to Improve Your Skin Health with the Top Skin Care Products

Skin is the largest body organ. It reflects both your age and your health by revealing the stories of your life. Besides being the ultimate multitasker of the human body, the skin has got its primary role of being the first line of defense between the body and the outside world. It is, therefore, highly essential to find the ways to improve skin health to support it in maintaining its protective role.

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Skincare in normal days

Your routine working days are often too busy to allow you to take special care of your skin health. Things keep lingering on and on due to the shortage of time available during the normal working days. During these days, you may keep taking care of your skin by:

  • Eating the skin-healthy but calorie-restricted diet with maximum cutting on your alcohol intake.
  • Keeping stress in check.
  • Retaining moisture in the skin by sufficient regular water intake.
  • Getting your sufficient beauty sleep.
  • Avoiding all types of smoking.

Skincare over the holidays

All the above said are the long-term influencing factors which do have a very healthy impact on your skin overall. But what about the summer vacation and the other holidays when you have plenty of time and you may travel to far flung areas? Here, you must have to take special care of your skin. We have devised four vital ways to improve your skin over the holidays with some top skin care products like vitamin c serum, etc.

  1. For oily skin and breakouts

Applying and fixing your make-up is the last thing you want to spend time doing when you are on vacation or holidays. Summer heat and sun can increase oil secretion and consequent breakouts if you already have an oily skin and are out on a holiday trip. Here, a gentle but very powerful skin cleanser like squalane oil, etc. will prove your best defense against oily summertime skin by keeping your skin extra clean. Also, do remember to exfoliate regularly to help clean pores and refresh your skin.

As for sunscreen, we shall recommend a non-oily formula to protect your face without adding extra oil. Be sure about one thing that, contrary to the common belief, moisturizing actually helps keep oily skin at bay. So, we shall advise a moisturizer to properly hydrate your skin and keep it ever fresh.

  1. For puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles

Long traveling and less sleep during the holidays may make your eyes puffy as well as create dark under-eye circles. The best remedy is to have a sound sweet sleep. But, if you still find puffiness and dark under-eye circles, you must apply an eye-brightening, line fighting, puffiness reducing and dark-circle diminishing cream. Then nobody will ever guess that you are a bit sleep deprived.

  1. For sunburns

During summer vacations or holiday’s trip, the most essential product in your carry-on is some sunscreen to keep you well protected against sunburns. A non-greasy sunscreen spray is highly recommended which should also be easy to apply, perfect for your tender skin and with a wonderfully refreshing tropical scent.

  1. For melting make-up

Usually, in a warm and humid weather, makeup seems to melt and disappear in a short time after its application. You must also have observed this in your routine life. A makeup setting spray or a setting powder (in case you are super oily) is a perfect solution to this problem. Use this spray after applying makeup and it will keep your makeup intact for a reasonable time until the show lasts.

So, these are four excellent ways to improve your skin over the holidays with the top skincare products.


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