How to Freshen Up Your Style

You might have a stellar sense of style, but even the best outfits and looks can get a bit boring once they’ve transitioned into the same old, same old bracket. If you find yourself in this position, then don’t walk around town wearing threads that you’re not entirely confident in: freshen up your style, and get a look that’s new. No matter what budget you’ve got, you’ll be able to mix things up just fine. Take a look at some of our ideas below, incorporate them into your wardrobe, and look forward to stepping like a brand new woman.

freshen up your style

Old Pieces

One of the best – not to mention the most cost-effective – ways of freshening up your style is to revisit those old pieces that have long been relegated to the back of your wardrobe. What you fell out of love with six months or more ago might suddenly look pretty good to you now. And since you had all but forgotten about the item of clothing, it’ll feel like you’ve made a new purchase. You’ve just added a new item to your roster, and all you did was have a quick glance through your wardrobe. Nice!

Reinventing Current Selection

Why look to other people to create something new and original for you? Take it into your own hands! If you’ve got a piece that you like but which isn’t quite doing it for you anymore, then why not try your hand at some clothing DIY hacks, and give it a new lease of life? This works especially well with those items that have become too large or small to wear on their own merit, or which have slight scuffs and other marks. It’s one of the best ways to boost your style, too, since when you wear those items you’ll know that you’re the only one wearing them, anywhere!

Friend Swap

Got a low or non-existent budget? Find a friend who’s in a similar position, and who’s also a similar size, and have a clothes swap. What might seem boring to them might look radiant to you, and vice versa. You can make a whole night of it. Get all interested friends round to your home with a bag of clothes that they want to exchange, open a bottle of wine, and get exchanging. You’ll get new items, and want to make space in your wardrobe at the same time. Perfect.

Finding Inspiration

We all fall into one way of dressing, and it happens almost naturally. But when we want to change things up, how do we know what to wear? It’s all about finding inspiration, from the people who we always think dress well to other cultures around the world. The latter inspiration point is especially useful for creating a distinctive look. If you’re in, say, the East Coast of the States, and you’re rocking a look that’s popular on the streets of Paris – and why not? – then you’ll have heads turning for all the right reasons.

Add Accessories

Sometimes, it’s not that all of your outfits need an overhaul; it’s just that they need a little bit of magic sprinkled on them. If this is the case, look at adding accessories to your outfits. Buy some preppy jewelry, and you’ll be adding touches of color and style that’s in keeping with your sophisticated look. As with anything, it’s easy to go overboard when it comes to accessories, so keep things contained. If you’ve got some jewelry and a matching scarf and gloves set that makes your outfit pop, then you’ll be on the right track.

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Hair and Makeup

What do people pay attention to when they look at you? Your clothes do some of the talking, sure, but there’s also the matter of your hair and makeup. If that’s on point, then that’s what’ll catch people’s attention! If you’ve had the same old hairstyle for years on end, then hit the salon, and get a new style. It always pays to try something new with your makeup routine, too. You might reveal a whole new side of yourself just by changing these two aspects of your look. Give it a try.

Add the Color

People tend to take it pretty easy when it comes to the colors they wear. You see the same ones over and over again! If you want to be a little bit more bold with your look, then add a few more daring colors into the mix. They’ll go over well, especially during the fall and winter seasons, when people naturally – and not always correctly – gravitate towards bland, darker colors. You’ll be a fresh flower on a drab day.

Classic Items

If you’re looking for a more mature look, then look at those classic, must-have wardrobe pieces. If you’re strutting your stuff in an upmarket coat, boots, and handbag, then you’ll feel different. This is especially recommended if you’ve not long left college and you’re looking for a more grown-up style. You can’t go wrong with the classic, essential items!

Bargain Finds

If you’re tired of your look, is it possible that you’ve been looking for your clothing items in the wrong place? You don’t always have to hit downtown or the most popular online clothing stores for your new threads. While they’ll always serve you well, don’t forget about vintage markets and charity shops. You can usually find something funky and stylish at bargain prices. It’s a risk-free – financially wise – way to update your look. If you only wear it once before passing it back to the charity store, then so be it.


It’s normal that we want to change our style every now and again. We’re not supposed to stay looking the same forever, after all! By incorporating the tips above, you’ll be on your way to subtly guide your look in the right direction. And these tips aren’t just for now, either – you can incorporate them into your fashion approach for years to come. You’ll never have a dated look again!


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