How to find the best women motorcycle riding pants

motorcycle riding pants

Riding a motorcycle is a very fascinating experience. Feeling the wind on your skin while accelerating can be one of the most pleasurable feelings in your life. But no matter how fun it is to ride a motorcycle, it is also extremely dangerous. Unlike in a car, on a motorbike, your body is constantly exposed to fatal threats.

Even if you are a defensive rider, the lack of protection and visibility on the road can result in a fatal injury. Motorcyclists are far less visible on the road, so you can end up dead in an accident although you are completely innocent.

If you are a beginner motorcyclist, the first thing you have to take care of is proper motorcycle riding gear. A helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves – every piece of protective apparel is crucial to prevent a serious injury.

For women motorcyclists, it is very difficult to find the right motorcycle riding pants. This piece of equipment is very important for safe and comfortable riding. If you are on the lookout for women motorcycle riding pants, here are some tips to help you find them.

Why we need good protective gear?

The speed to which our body is exposed while riding a motorcycle is not a joke. While driving a car, our body has far greater protection from outside threats, and in the case of an accident, airbags are a great tool to prevent an injury. When riding a motorcycle, we have none of this luxury. A motorcyclist has no time to be distracted. You have to always be aware of your surroundings, because even the slightest inconvenience can cause an accident, especially at high speed. Our body is not strong enough to withstand the potential damage. That is why good protective gear is so important.

Although strong collisions cause the most damage which usually results in death, skin abrasion is a far more frequent but extremely painful injury. Every motorcyclist falls off their bike once in a while. Without protection, even at low speeds, the road will feel like a cheese grater on your skin, causing some serious damage. A proper motorcycle jacket and riding pants can mitigate or even prevent such an injury.

Weather is one of the factors which usually gets overlooked. Good motorcycle apparel has to have great heat conductivity. Proper gear has to keep you dry and warm when the weather is cold and humid, but also keep you cool and wick away perspiration when it is hot. Defensive riding and proper equipment is the best way to have fun, be comfortable and most importantly – stay safe while riding a motorcycle.

Casual looking motorcycle apparel

If you have to ride your motorcycle every day, you probably noticed how hard it is to find the right, comfortable motorcycle riding pants for women. Standard protective gear might offer decent protection, but if riding a motorcycle has become your lifestyle, you probably already know about the struggle of staying safe and looking as good as possible at the same time.

Women motorcycle leather pants look great at first glance but have a lot of downsides. If you are riding every day, especially in a hotter climate. Leather pants get hot and uncomfortable very quickly. Besides, the production of motorcycle leather pants is very harmful to the environment and does not provide sufficient protection. Light resistance to abrasion is not enough to protect a motorcyclist, so motorcycle leather pants should be condemned. There are many great variations of organic casual looking motorcycle apparel which provide superior comfort and protection.

Women’s motorcycle riding jeans

If you are looking for the best motorcycle riding pants, you will be pleasantly surprised by incredible women’s motorcycle jeans from Pandomoto. Made from Dyneema, Cordura or Kevlar, these pants somehow manage to look like your regular jeans but offer incredible protection.

Cordura denim, a fusion of highly durable nylon fibers and cotton, was engineered to give motorcyclists highest possible protection. Jeans made from this fabric look perfectly normal but offer incredible friction resistance.

Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber material. There is simply no better choice for motorcycle pants. This material is often used for stabilization of oil rigs and even stopping bullets! Motorcycle riding jeans made of Dyneema are light, look casual and comfortable, but this material is somehow 15 times stronger than steel.

If you are searching for the best motorcycle riding pants for women, look no further. Women‘s motorcycle jeans from Pandomoto is your best choice to stay safe and classy while riding your motorcycle.


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