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There is something quite worrying about seeing sisters, partners or mothers and children wearing the same clothes. You know the kind? Being forced to wear the same jumper as your little brother, or put into the same dress as your big sister. Awkward fashion that is a great name for it.

However, in recent years the idea of fashion coordination between friends, children or partners has gone wild again. There is a gorgeous company which makes patterned tights for both mother and baby. A sock company which makes matching socks for father and son. It is a subtle nod and looks sweet. A less is more type of approach.

Of course, you don’t have to match to have the perfect his n hers fashion. Think David and Victoria Beckham; they aren’t seen dead in the same outfit. However, each always has a little nod to the other. Couples styling is what it is called, and we are going to help you master this look so you when you head out with your other half, you seem to go together even better than before.

First off you need to suss out what kind of couple you are. Are you both sporty, smart or alternative? Or is one of you chic and classic while the other is a little more grunge? There are ways of balancing both your outfits even if you have completely different styles. However, it is, of course, easier if you both like to dress with the same style.

An excellent example of how to achieve this look is this. Your partner has decided to have a suit made by Fielding and Nicholson, and it is going to include a very specific type of tweed. You prefer to wear a more rock look, leather trousers, basic white tee and a little black jacket. Speaking to the tailors, you could have a panel of the tweed attached to a bag, in panel style. Or you could even go for adding a little bit of the tweed into the lining of your jacket. Or replace one of the pockets on the back of your jeans with it. There are loads of subtle ways you can combine his sartorial finesse with your punked up biker chick look. You just need to get creative and fit this into your desk to drinks style guide.

If you both like the smart look, then it is simple to coordinate your style. Take elements from his design tastes and mix them into yours. Or get him to take on a little of your style. If you are going for the cobalt blue look of Kate Middleton in this dress, then he could follow through with the colour by adding a cobalt blue silk to his top pocket or make his tie the same colour.

You don’t have to go crazy, and both turn up with the same outfit on, but you can twist it up and follow things through so you both seamlessly work together. The more indirect you make it, the more significant the impact will be!


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