Hair Tips: The L.O.C Method

loc method

Liquid Oil Cream – The LOC Method Made Easily

Oil Cream (LOC Method)

The LOC method is a special technique used to moisturize the hair. L.O.C is short means liquid, oil and cream. It is the order of operation that the product goes into the hair to seal in moisture.

Step 1: Water or Leave-in Condition

Use water or choose a leave-in conditioner that has water listed as its first ingredient, apply it to hair that has been washed thoroughly.

Step 2: Oil

Choose a natural oil that will penetrate the hair and seal in the moisture from the leave-in. Apply a thin layer of the natural oil to lock in the moisture. Some common oils that can be used are:

Step 3: Cream

Apply a butter-based or choose a thick creamy styler/moisturizer that will help to shape, mold and define your curls. Products listed below can be used:

Have you ever tried the LOC method?

Which method do you prefer LOC or LCO?


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