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Influenster Vox Box: Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin Review

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin

Shaving for me is like a daily habit, I often times get miserable when I feel that prickly hair growing back within less than a week. I have tried, used and reused several methods of hair removal tools. But is there really a trick to achieve that long lasting smooth skin? Why does the hair always grow back? Some hair removal tools and remedies swear by their name, but it just doesn’t work as how it’s supposed to.

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin

2 cartridges/blades

I recently received my Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor – a perfect match for women with sensitive skin, and I have tried and tested the quality of the product. The razor features 5 blades that closely space together with an increased glide enhancer that has a protective ribbon of moisture that has a touch of Aloe, which provides a closer shave with less irritation. This razor is suitable for sensitive skin, but it works best with less hair, thicker hair would be a little more difficult to remove.

Shower hook & Razor stick

Shower hook & Razor stick

I love the fact that I can hang it in my shower after I have finish shaving, until next use. I can also purchase the blades and attach it to the stick instead of buying a new razor stick + blades.

Disclosure: This product was complimentary by Influenster for testing purposes.

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