6 Famous Foods Born in North Carolina

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation and have an interest in culinary delights and their origins then you need to consider a visit to North Carolina. You’ll find the perfect hotel and a list of Maggie Valley Attractions will provide you with the right base and enough activities to keep all the family happy.

Of course, simply visiting the birthplace of these 6 famous foods and sampling them should be enough to keep most people happy!

North Carolina, pepsi

  1. Pepsi

Even one of the most famous brands in the world needs to have a birthplace and what better one than in North Carolina? Pepsi started out in 1896 in a  small drugstore in New Bern. The original aim was to create a drink that would boost your energy levels and help your digestion. Of course, this small town concern grew exceptionally quickly. By 1902 the company was incorporated and the rest, as they say, is history.

krispy kreme

  1. Krispy Kreme

An equally as famous brand is Krispy Kreme donuts; which started life in Winston-Salem as long ago as 1937. The first donuts were sold for just 25 cents each at the local grocer’s. Today, they sell millions of donuts every day and are sold across the world.

  1. Olive Pickles

Pickle sales have multiplied impressively since this company was founded in 1926. In fact, today this is considered to be the second biggest selling brand of pickles in the entire US! In the beginning, there was just a 3,600 square foot building; today there are factories across the country.

One tradition that remains to this day is the raising of a 3 foot lighted pickle on the flagpole and the subsequent lowering on New Year’s Eve into a redwood pickle plant.   

  1. Texas Pete

Surprisingly this hot sauce was not invented in Texas and Pete had nothing to do with it! In fact, it was created in 1940 by 3 brothers in Winston-Salem! The recipe was their mothers, the sauce was originated created at home, and remains a secret to this day! Of course, they create a whole range of sauces now.


  1. Cheerwine

Cheerwine is wild cherry-flavored and originated in the basement of the family grocers in Salisbury. It was a product of shortages in World War I and helped many families to survive this grueling time. The company has passed through 3 generations and continues to flourish today. Every May there is a celebration in Salisbury in honor of this soda, needless to say, there is plenty of it in supply.

  1. Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits

The first Bojangles restaurant was opened in Charlotte in 1977. The aim was to provide distinctive favors, high-quality products, and friendly service. They succeeded on all three counts and expanded across the country. Today their large food box, referred to as “Bo Time”, is the stuff of legends and an essential part of any football game in North Carolina. It wasn’t just the Chicken ‘n Biscuits that originated in this restaurant.


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