The Culture Of Clicks: Pictures As A Social Tool

In the past 10 years, people have developed a new habit. You see something interesting; you take your phone out and click; you take a picture. Surprisingly enough, we’ve never taken many pictures as today. But what is even more surprising is that pictures have developed a meaning of their own. They have become a tool of social recognition: Without a decent picture, you simply can’t make it into your social community. Whether you are enjoying a party with friends, spending a moment on your own, visiting a new place or even flying on holiday, pictures are at the core of your everyday routines.

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1. It’s Not A Good Time If There’s No Picture Of It

Whether you are at a party or a friends reunion, taking a group photo is part of the social expectations. You’ve seen group pictures on your favorite social media platforms before. They are always designed to show the happiest memory of the party. Since the digital revolution, the best way to share news and feelings is via digital snaps. Additionally, sharing your photos means that you allow social media users to judge the quality of the party on what they can best measure: How many likes your picture receives. So, it’s best to prepare and shoot a great visual, using Boothboy props if you fancy something light-hearted. Booth props for group photos are especially helpful for formal parties. But if you are between friends, all you need is your best smile.

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#2. I Click Therefore I Am

We rely on social media as a source of comments, help and support, that’s why people share so much online. But social media also provides a new form of social recognition that goes beyond the boundaries of your local community. A strong social media presence means that you can instantly exist in the eyes of millions of individuals. Therefore selfies have a broader meaning than just an art dedicated to vanity. As social creatures, people crave for social recognition, for the proof that they matter in life. Could there be any better form of social recognition than a social like?

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#3. Here’s A Landscape And Me

When was the last time you took the picture of a landscape? The answer is probably not so long ago, as the behavior of sharing pictures forces people to be creative about what they share. But more importantly, sharing the photo of a landscape fulfills a dual purpose: It’s about showing what you’ve seen and proved that you were there. So it’s not uncommon to use friends and relatives in your landscape pictures as an evidence of your presence. But using people in the shot makes it easier to define a scale for your landscape too. It highlights the depth of the scenery and brings a new life to your picture.

#4. Officially Pretty Passport Photo

Passport pictures are notoriously the worst. They are a cause of shame for a photophile generation of digital users. That’s because passport photos always look the worst! But with a few tips, you can make it work. You need to use makeup smartly, focusing on correcting the effect on the harsh flash with a colored formula. Make sure to diffuse the bluish undertones you can get under your eyes as these will shine with the flash. Finally, if you want to add some contouring, keep it light and blended to avoid high contrasts in the final picture.


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