Choosing The Best Barber Chairs For Your Shop

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First impressions count and they last so when you are thinking about attracting more customers to your barber shop, remember it is not just the great customer service and quality haircuts you offer. Customers want to feel pampered and comfortable and that will only happen if you invest in high-end barber chairs to reassure your customers that they will not leave your shop feeling like their necks were yoked. For this reason, here are some of the best barber chairs you should consider, and they are all available at

Legend Reclining Barber Chair

It is a high-quality chair that incorporates a vintage design which is sure to appeal to your customers. With a weight capacity of up to 400lbs, the chair accommodates a range of body sizes. It has a removable headrest for those who do not prefer to lean their heads on one, which you can also adjust to suit your customer’s needs.

It has a spacious backrest measuring 18 inches width and 24 inches height, which you can adjust to reach 30.5 inches thus accommodating even your tall customers comfortably. This chair has a solid round base to make it stable and avoid shaving accidents, while the padded armrest adds to your customers’ comfortability. You can buy it for $1,695, paying in installments of $46 per month.

Royale Premium Reclining Barber Chair

It is available in burgundy which instantly adds some color to your workspace, while the quilted pattern design compliments its overall look. The adjustable and removable headrest guarantee comfort for your customers’ heads while the hydraulic pump enables you to lower and raise the barber chair to suit each customer regardless of height.

It caters to most client sizes with its seat dimensions of 20 inches width and 20 inches long, and a height adjustment of 23 inches to 30 inches. A large platform enables your customers to climb into the chair and it is foldable footrest can be put away for those clients who prefer to dangle their feet. It goes for the price of $1365.95, and you can pay in monthly installments of $37.

G6 Reclining Barber Chair

It is cheaper than the above two but that does not make it less of a comfort for your customers. In fact, it goes as far as 32 inches in its height thereby catering to those tall customers, who also enjoy a headrest that is both removable and adjustable. It has a rotation of 360 degrees so you do not have to keep moving around the customer, and a towel holder on the side for your convenience.

With a weight limit of 400lbs, this chair will accommodate most clients. The reclining lever ensures you can reach any spot on your customer’s head for a quality cut. The black color and vintage design give your shop a touch of classic elegance, and its price of $795 makes it quite affordable.

Harley Reclining Barber Chair

It is among the most comfortable chairs featuring two reclining levers on both sides to get your clients into a position best to give them that high-end haircut. It has a sturdy hydraulic pump which can adjust the height of the chair from 23.5 inches to 30.5 inches. It has rubber armrests and thick cushions, while the seat has an indent, all to guarantee comfort for your clients.

The chair rotates 360 degrees and its solid base ensures increased stability. It provides extra comfort with its large platform footrest that also has wheel stoppers. You can get it for $729.95 and pay in monthly installments starting from $20.

Persia Reclining Barber Chair

This $729.95 chair has a contemporary design comprising burgundy upholstery, quilted pattern design, and black wooden frame, transforming your shop into an elegant space. All customers with a weight of 400lbs and less will fit in this chair while those tall clients will appreciate the adjustable and removable headrest, as well as the adjustable height of up to 29.5 inches.


Apart from price since barber chairs can be expensive, focus on the long run because you want your clients to be loyal. You now can choose the chair that best serves you and your clients; pick the right one and watch customers trickling into your shop.

About The Author: Jake Bishop is a health and grooming enthusiast living in Atlanta, Georgia. He spent most of his days in the shelter and community establishments, rallying about organic foods and healthy living. He co-author on the site The as a part of his hobby.


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  • Edgar

    Great Article. I used to have a Barber Chair that would have the clients keep sliding down it. It was a bit hard for them to stay still but they still kept coming. I recently was gifted a barber chair, and all the spill came out of my clients. They started letting me know all of the faults the other chair had and how happy they are to have the new chair. Great article thanks for sharing.

    September 14, 2018 at 10:52 am Reply
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    Comfortable barber chairs are what you need to put your customers at ease! Buy barber chairs at wholesale prices online

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