Tips for Starting Your Own Blog

It’s so easy to set up your own blog using platforms like WordPress, which ensure that, even if you don’t have a lot of technical know-how, you can still get yourself published online in a few hours. The way you go about setting up your blog, and what you use it for will depend on what you want to get out of it. You might just want to use it as an online diary, a place to record your thoughts, ideas, and links to all the interesting information you’ve found. You may want to share your passion for a particular topic with other fans, with no thought about making money out of it. Or you may have your eye on a bigger prize – making cash out of your work.

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Hobby blogs

Whether it’s just for you, or for a small group of friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts, choosing a good design will make the experience more rewarding. Adding tags to your posts will make them easier to find, and will mean that a search on your site will bring up every post relevant to the search term. If you’re not trying to build an audience, you can blog as frequently or infrequently as you like, and add whatever content and links you please. For many bloggers though, starting out with a hobby blog can often turn into a more serious business.


You’ll usually find that savvy bloggers don’t reveal too much personal information about themselves on their sites. It’s fine, and indeed a good idea, to share your personality but keep details like your address, phone number and personal email private. There are always people around looking for a way to get hold of enough information to operate a scam or other nefarious activity, so don’t give them a chance. Many bloggers also choose to keep their children’s identities private as a safeguarding measure. Another aspect you need to consider is the security of your blog and your work. Investing in an SSL security certificate is a good idea for your site, and remember to always back up any work you publish just in case of a data loss. If you do have a problem with damaged storage or lost files, use a use a Secure Data Recovery service to help you retrieve your information.

Content quality and quantity

The main thing to remember is you must keep adding content on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be every day, but as frequently as possible, otherwise people will get bored and forget about you. Therefore, you need to get into the habit of writing a post at least every other day, to keep the momentum going. You also need to be honest about the quality of your writing. Have a look at some successful blogs and see how they write their articles. There is a wide choice of online tutorials available that can help you hone your writing skills, and it’s important you take this seriously so that your posts are engaging and well-written.

Even if your blog is expertly written and full of fresh, interesting posts, you won’t suddenly get thousands of visitors. It can often take a year or more, and if you’re serious about building a large audience, there are many other steps to take before you start making money!


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