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Seeing Countries Like Never Before


If you get the chance to travel the world, then we really do think you should scoop it up whilst you can. There’s just so much to see and do out there, no matter what your interests are. Whether you want to spend your time lounging around on a beach, or whether you want to be exploring a Buddhist temple up a mountain. So many people restrict themselves to the normal all inclusive holidays. The one where you might go on a boat trip, lounge by the pool, and eat far too much at the all inclusive. But, every single destination that you could want to visit has something more to offer. You can see some of the best countries in the world like never before, and we guarantee you’ll have the most amazing experiences that will stay with you forever. So, there are some countries that we want you to be able to see like never before because we know you’ll have to most life changing experiences there. Have a read on, and see if any of these countries tickle your fancy.


Madeira is one we want to talk about because it’s often masked by Portugal. It’s a tiny little island off the coast of Portugal. When we say small, we mean small. But size isn’t everything, and there’s more to see and do on the island of Madeira than you will find in most parts of Portugal. Unlike Portugal, it’s densely populated with the most beautiful landscapes and is known for its famous beautiful botanical gardens. The more time you spend surrounded by the green and the colours, the more relaxed and at one with the island you feel. As a plus, the hotels are all luxurious as well. The majority of them are luxury 4* or 5* hotels, the majority of which will give you a beautiful view of the sea when you wake up in the morning. The one thing that does let Madeira down, is the lack of beaches. On the whole island, there’s one sand beach and two stone beaches. The locations that you’ll be able to stay in aren’t going to be close to these beaches either, so you might benefit from renting a car for the duration of your stay. But, renting a car will mean you’ll get to see more of the island than your average tourist, and if you venture up into the mountains, you won’t be disappointed. Not only will you be able to see the island of Madeira like never before, you’ll be able to stop and eat at some of the village cafes. Here you will find some of the best home cooked food, and people who are more than grateful for your visit. If you were looking to do something fun, we highly recommend you take a guided tour to the waterfalls, or you get pushed down the hill in a wicker toboggan. It’s not that expensive to travel there, and it really is well worth a visit if you get a chance to go to the island.


Java is one of the lesser known of the Indonesian islands. The more time you spend here, the more you will be able to discover. Because the other islands are so densely populated with tourists, it has allowed cities such as Jakarta to thrive into a bustling up and coming city. So, if you want to see Indonesia like never before, we highly recommend that you take a visit to Java. For one, it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a money making opportunity, believe it or not. Because the housing prices are so cheap, but it’s an up and coming islands, getting your foot in the door with property is really something you should think about doing. If you check out links such as, you’ll be able to see plenty of properties that will tickle your fancy. However, if you’re just looking to be your average tourist, then there is plenty for you to do here. If you really want to see Java like never before, you’re going to have to get in amongst the locals, and see how they live. Visit one of their markets, buy some of their local garments, and try some of their weird and wonderful foods. Don’t be afraid to try a cooked insect, you never know, you might like it! Heading to the Prambanan, the ancient Hindu temple is also an experience to behold. You really do feel in the presence of something sacred and beautiful, and getting to it involves a lovely little hike that will allow you to take in the scenery.


Wales is a country within a country. It borders Englan, and is one of the finest countries you can visit if you’re looking for a good time, a cheap time, and a really cultured time. You’ve got the tourists spots that everyone heads to, or you can go for something a little more laid back. If you go for something a little more laid back, you’re definitely going to see Wales as you would never have thought you would. If you head to parts of it such as Rhayader, you’ll find yourself in one of the cutest, yet lesser known parts of Wales. You’ll have to travel through miles of beautiful countryside to get there, and that’s often the best part for people. It’s so small, that the air feels so fresh, and the people there just seem so lovely. You can expect cute little apartments to sleep in, or even a nice bed and breakfast. Lovely pubs will be there for you to drink in, and right around the corner is the Elan Valley. It’s one of the most beautiful places to stumble upon. There are streams running along the mountains, long windy roads, and beautiful countryside that eventually leads to the big Craig Goch dam. It’s absolutely huge, but there are places for you to park up and have a walk around, or you can go into one of the local cafes for a bite to eat and a cup of tea.


France is one of the most beautiful countries that you could visit if you’re looking for an all rounder. You’ve got the hustle and bustle of bits like Paris, or you’ve got the beautiful vineyards that you’ll be able to find up in the mountains. Many people travel to Paris for a number of different reasons. The romance, the fine foods, or even to go to Disneyland. But, if you want to do it right, you’re going to have to venture out a bit to find something different. One place we really do recommend that you go, is Strasbourg. It lines the border of France and Germany, and if you go at Christmas time, we guarantee that you’ll have the most beautiful time. It’s well known for its European parliament buildings, and the meetings that can be held there. But, take away all of the politics, and you’re left with a beautiful but of the country, that has a mixture of both French and German traits. There’s plenty to do here in terms of museums, and if you’re looking for amazing food, you really won’t have to go far to find it here. Compared to other parts of France, it really isn’t that expensive, so try something new, and visit the parts that you wouldn’t usually consider.

We’ve listed some parts of countries, and some islands that we know won’t have been on your hit list, but we really hope they are now!

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