Ski Resorts: Canada’s Superb Ski Spots

There’s still plenty of time to fit in a ski trip this winter. Most of the main ski resorts around the world will have plenty of fresh snow well into February, and they often use snow machines to produce the white stuff until early March. Europe is a big skiing hotspot, but have you ever considered skiing in Canada? It’s one of the most popular destinations for skiers in North America, and when you look at its various ski resorts, you won’t have to wonder why that is.

Just take these superb ski spots for example:

Canada Ski Spots


Castle Mountain

Just under a two-hour drive from Calgary, Castle Mountain is located in the Banff National Park and very accessible. Some skiers prefer to stay in Calgary at a hotel like the Residence Inn Calgary South and then drive into the resort each day. That way, they get to experience a great ski resort by day and the cosmopolitan city vibe by night. There are snow schools for those who are new to the slopes, and there is also a great apres ski program with activities that are perfect for all ages.


One of the most famous ski resorts in the whole of Canada, Whistler is a diverse resort that is suitable for every level of skier. Newbies and experts will find slopes that they find very comfortable on. As with most resorts in Canada, the off-piste activities are also great. You can browse boutiques and eat in trendy restaurants, or you could stick to the active activities and go sledding or ice skating. The nearest city to Whistler is Vancouver, so it’s worth spending a night or two there as well to soak up some city sights.

mont tremblant, ski spots



If you know a bit of French, then it’s worth booking a ski trip to Quebec’s Mont-Tremblant resort. This particular resort is a particular favorite of those who want to do a lot more than just ski – there is a golf course, plenty of shopping, and regular events to keep the whole family happy. If you want to stick to the snow, you could join an alpine trek, cross-country skiing, or mountain biking in the snow. When you think it’s time to warm up, why not spend the afternoon in the pools at the Aquaclub La Source, a large, indoor waterpark.

The Blue Mountains

Located in the province of Ontario, the Blue Mountain Resort has a good range of slopes for all ability levels. There’s also plenty of instructors on hand at the ski school so that those who have never skied before feel right at home in all the snow. There are lots of annual events at Blue Mountain, from music concerts to festivals, so it’s worth trying to time your trip for one of these great upcoming events. If you are lucky, you might time your vacation so that you can watch some of the pros competing on the slopes!

Hopefully, one of these awesome Canadian ski resorts takes your fancy!

Canada’s Superb Ski Spots, Canada Ski Resorts


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