5 Embarrassing Beauty Problems No Woman Wants To Talk About

Beauty blogging is a wonderful thing and it’s extremely edifying to be able to share hints, tips and secrets that will help women around the world to discover a version of them that they never even knew existed. A version of them that’s confident, happy, self-assured, gorgeous and glamorous. Sharing clothes, makeup and hair tips is a really fun and rewarding pursuit. That said, there’s another side to beauty that fewer bloggers seem able or willing to talk about candidly… Yup, it’s time to discuss the embarrassing beauty problems that few women want to discuss, but many experiences. Hopefully, in doing so we’ll be able to assure readers that “no, it’s not just you”, as well as providing useful tips to help conquer them with an absolute minimum of effort and expense.

Pit Stains

Whether it’s during an important presentation or that inevitably panic inducing the first date, all women know to keep their elbows firmly at their sides on stressful occasions lest she grosses anyone out with her pit stains. Antiperspirant deodorants are no help either, leaving unsightly yellow smears on white blouses. These little nightmares seem impervious to washing but they can be defeated by a combination of lemon juice, baking powder, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap.

Eye Boogers

Even the most bulletproof ensemble can be ruined by what Chandler from Friends once called “mascara goop”. The correct term for eye boogers is rheum and it’s perfectly common (though unpleasant, especially when combined with bits of mascara and eyeliner). The best cure is to be vigilant and remove all traces of eye makeup after removal. This is best done with a cotton bud or q-tip. Unpleasant as it may be, sometimes you really have to dig around in the interstice between your eyelid and eyeball.

Female hair loss

Despite the rise of handsome follically challenged celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, many men get very self-conscious about their hair loss. For a woman, however, hair loss can be crippling. Female hair loss has many causes but it also has many solutions. You can conceal hair loss with keratin fibers or hair extensions or combat the causes with topical minoxidil foam (marketed as Rogaine).

Thigh Chafing

Lots of women prize their thick thighs as a symbol of their femininity and they’re absolutely right to. However, the feeling of empowered feminine beauty can be somewhat undermined by the angry red marks caused by a woman’s thighs scraping together (especially on hot, sticky days). The stinging rash can be exacerbated if not dealt with properly. Cleaning affected areas with cool water and a mild soap is your first port of call. Then disinfect and soothe with an easy home remedy.


All women adore and respect the almost magical properties of dry shampoo. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes all too easy to become over reliant on it. When this happens your scalp is made prone to those unsightly white flakes of dandruff. Limiting your dry shampoo use and changing to a medicated shampoo is a great way to beat dandruff but if you prefer home remedies there are many to choose from. A personal favorite is massaging with tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar.


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