12 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience for Online Shoppers

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Consumers today have the opportunity of shopping online and in-store. If you have an eCommerce business and are trying to generate buyers then you need to implement ways to draw the attention of these online shoppers – while making their shopping experience pleasant and easy.

How can eCommerce business ensure that online shoppers are getting the best of their shopping experience? Following are some easy tips to help enhance customer experience that will have consumers buying from you – and keep on coming back while sharing their experience with other consumers.

  1. Pagespeed – the website should load quickly whether on a computer or mobile As a general rule of thumb aim for your website to load in 3 seconds.
  2. Mobile Friendly – the webpage should be able to be accessed on any device (tablets, smartphones etc.)
  3. Navigation – the site should be easily navigated and a search box should be in clear sight
  4. Content – Product description should be clear and concise
  5. Images – always use high-quality images with a clear background
  6. Include customer reviews – a customer will trust to buy your product when there are honest reviews left on the site. It doesn’t matter if the reviewer left a 3 star or a 5 star. A review tells a lot about the product. As they say what is good for me might not be good for you – this is a perfect technique to use while shopping online.
  7. Alert consumers – Let customers know if an item is in stock, or what the backorder date is, by making it clear on the product page.
  8. Contact page – Make it easy for customers to contact you, get a quote or sign up for email.
  9. Real-Time Communication – Give consumers the benefit of contacting you by offering a live chat, 24/7 if possible
  10. Self-service – Always have a FAQ page available; it helps to answer consumers concern
  11. Make checking out simple and allow users to save their cart for the next period
  12. Offer free shipping – by offering free shipping this will draw the consumers to return to buy more. Whether free shipping is offer as low as $25 or $100. Consumers love taking advantages of free shipping.

Bonus: One of the main key to good business is customer service. Without customer service; customers will not know who to turn to for help. Whether walking through the makeup aisle and/or checking out at the store. Customer service begins with all of us. It involves the way we handle and respond to others around us. Whether the transaction is done face-to-face or over a live chat the customer representative should be prompt and courteous to consumers.


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