Unconventional Wedding Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

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When your guests pull up to your wedding in their suits, dresses, hats and shiny shoes, they do so wondering what sort of wedding yours will be. It’s a little game every couple plays, whispering to each other in excited voices as they make predictions about the venue, the bridesmaids, the dress and songs, food and decorations and, more often than not, these guesses are based on the conventions most weddings adhere to.

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So, why not keep all your guess-working guests on their toes by blowing their minds with wedding ideas that they will never expect? And to help you with this, we have pulled together the kind of unconventional ideas that are so amazing they may well start become the norm.

1. Guest Books Are A Thing of The Past

We love the idea of having a book filled with amazing words, memories, stories and thoughts that your nearest and dearest have shared. It’s that cherished item that will last forever, that little something you will flick through in decades from now. But instead of a guest book, wouldn’t it be cooler to have a guest box; somewhere your friends can go and record a video message. Imagine the content you will get out of them after six glasses of champagne and bourbon.

2. Chicer Than A White Wedding

Most people absolutely love wearing black clothes. They are just so darn flattering, which is why most people’s closets are made up of around 67.5% black clothing. Yet, when it comes to dressing your bridesmaids, it is without a doubt the last color you would choose. But one look at these bridesmaid inspirations by Love & Lavender and you will find yourself turning to the dark side. Stylish, flattering, elegant, sophisticated and cool – what more could you want?

3. A Unique Videographer

Wedding guests get used to photographers and videographers popping up throughout the day and night, with you hoping they catch the best moments. But what you could do instead of hoping the intimate and hilarious moments get caught by one man with a machine, you could invest in three or four GoPro cameras and have them handed around by your guests, before asking someone to edit the footage into a truly amazing video.

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4. Polaroid Perfect

Gone are the days of disposable cameras and Polaroids, but we don’t necessarily think that is a good thing. These days people will take and retake photos until everyone is looking perfect but staged. It takes away the magic of the moment. That is why you should put a couple of disposable cameras on each table to catch the little details in your big day and have a polaroid camera sat beside your guestbook, with sleeves for them to pop the pictures in beside their words. The results will be amazing.

5. Everybody Jump

The one thing every guest is looking forward to is the band. It’s that chance to let all that liquid confidence express itself in the form of dancing. But there is one other thing that could get them equally excited, and that is a bouncy castle. Yes, you read that right. Have a motion sensor camera in a corner and just wait to see the results. The joy and love, the half-hour friendships made and the long-term stories shared. Everyone loves a bouncy castle, so add it to your celebration. It will be the secret success of your day.


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  • Jesse Dimapilis

    beautiful! all your ideas are all so perfect! thank you for posting this. so excited for our up and coming wedding this fall

    July 15, 2018 at 9:49 pm Reply
    • admin

      Congratulations!!! I wish you all the best

      July 16, 2018 at 5:58 pm Reply

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