The Best Makeup Tricks Of All Time!

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Makeup has never been so big. As soon as you look at social media, you’ll be bombarded with videos of all different kinds of girls and guys showing you their makeup tricks through a fun tutorial full of bloopers, spots, and all. The world has seemed to open up about their morning and evening routines, as once upon a time they would have been kept a secret so no one would know how they did this sorcery! But thank goodness the Queens and Kings of makeup have shared their secrets with all of us, and aren’t embarrassed by showing us their true face behind it all. Now you can see spots, scarring, pigmentation, and undereye circles – and exactly what you need to cover them up. While also showing the world that we all have our own issues and areas that we don’t like, or make us feel embarrassed and insecure.

Makeup can be applied with full force or a soft touch. It all depends on the effect you’re trying to create. The beauty is seeing the transformation, along with all the magical things you can manipulate and reform because, well, you can!

Here’s a list of all the best beauty hacks and tricks that the last few years have blessed us all with.


Once upon a time, it was so difficult for people with a darker complexion to find a shade of foundation that matched their skin tone, because there wasn’t really any variety. But thanks to people that made enough conversation about this – there are now hundreds and hundreds of different shades of all kinds of colours. From a pale porcelain, all the way down to a dark mocha. One important thing to remember is to shop for your skin type. This means making a note of not only choosing the right colour, but the right ingredients. Some people may suffer from very dry skin, and if this is the case, you will want to look for a dewy finish foundation, in a liquid formula, as a powder will only stick to your dry areas. And vice versa. If you suffer from oily skin, one tip is to carry around a powder, whether it be in your shade, or translucent. Then whenever you find yourself getting a little bit oily (or even work up a sweat), all you have to do is dab a little powder to your face in the required areas – usually the forehead, the nose, and around the mouth – and you’re good to go on with your day.


Contouring is probably one of the most groundbreaking things that have swept across the world. Now, it has existed for decades, and yet we’ve only learned the tricks of the trade within the past couple of years. Contouring is essentially a way of creating shapes that may not be as prominent as you wish – or they may not exist at all! This is done by using a darker shade, and a lighter shade to your natural skin tone. The darker shade (a browny colour) will be used to create a shadow, so you would apply the cream (or powder, or liquid) along the bottom of your cheekbones – to define them. Around the top of your forehead – to reduce the size. Down the sides of your nose – to slim it down. And around your jawline – to create definition. You will then use the lighter shade (normally a beige, or light brown depending on your skin tone) which is used to highlight the area. You would apply this to the highest points of your face, so at the tops of your cheekbones, in the lower center of your forehead, and down the center of your nose. Then all that’s left to do is blend. This is essential because you don’t want people to see any prominent lines. The goal is to make it look natural, so blend until any harsh lines are smoothed out.


Highlighters are the thing that just make everything melt. They are so pretty, and come in so many different shades and tones, from golds, to peaches, to pinks to oranges – there is so much variety that you have to buy at least three of everything! You can find some of the best on Highlighters tend to go over the lighter part of your contour to make it pop and sparkle like the goddess you are! There are many different formulas to these, whether it be powder, cream, or even liquids now which are pretty new to the mix. All you have to do is hit the highest points of your face (like with contouring) and you’re good to go. You can also add a little to the arch of your brow, as this opens the eye up a little more. As well as adding some to the inner corners of the eye.


Who knew eyebrows would become such a big deal?! They have changed so much over the years in size, shape, and structure, and they are still changing today. The techniques that go with drawing or filling in a brow have never been so complex, and yet we go crazy for it! Whether you buy the gels and the pencils, or you just use a bit of eyeshadow, or even create your own formula with help from sites like, as long as your brows are on fleek, then you’ll be accepted into the eyebrow community with open arms. And what a diverse place to be. A current favourite in the eyebrow department is the feather look. This is by drawing very fine lines, but with purpose, to create the structure, rather than just filling them all in so they’re bold.


Oh the joy! They come in all different colours from the rainbow, and there are no rules with what you do with them! Back in the day, they used to say that wearing pink eyeshadow was a crime… – Whoever came up with that was so wrong. Have you not seen the looks that can be created with pinks nowadays?! Eyeshadow can totally change your look just from the colours you choose or the way you apply it. It can even be used to contour your lid if need be. This is most common with people who have a hooded lid. This means that their lid drops down a little, giving the appearance of a lazy eye. Many people get disheartened about this because they don’t have a big area to play with. But in fact, all you need to do is one simple trick, and then you can go to town. Just get a darker shade than your skin town, and cut your own crease above your lid and blend in. Then with a concealer, go below the line you just drew on your lid (and over where your natural line is) and blend. Et voila. You can now add more colours, or just keep it natural and leave it how it is, but regardless, your eyes will now look awake and ready for the day.


There are hundreds upon thousands upon millions of different styles of false lashes out there. So what you buy really depends on the look you’re going for. There are lashes that are made to be crazy and over the top. There are lashes that look natural. And there are lashes that stick to your lash line with a magnet!! A lot of people who have never tried falsies before will say they don’t see the point of wearing them. But your life will change the day you try on a pair. If applied correctly, with the right size and shape for your eye, they can open them up and even change the overall shape. Some people that have a relatively small lid will think that they can’t wear lashes because it’ll make their eyes even smaller. But one trick you can do if you are worried about this happening, is by cutting the lash in half, and using the outer corner – on the outer corner of your eye. These will not only open them, but if curled up slightly, will give you that sultry cat eye that we all love so much.


Nowadays, the bigger, the better. (Within reason of course!) There was a time last year where we were contouring the lips, and people are still using this technique today. Essentially, you put on your lip liner – which will be a darker colour as to whatever lipstick you plan on using – and you may want to overline them a little if your lips aren’t naturally that big. You then draw a line down the centre of your bottom lip to create the crease, and then a V shape on the centre of your top lip. You then apply your lipstick on as you normally would, carefully blending the edges together. Now you can stop there, or you can add a little bit of concealer (because it’s lighter) in the centre of your lips and dab them together. This will take your whole pout to another level. You can then even add a little bit of highlighter to your cupid’s bow for a final bit of sparkle.


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