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    The Best Makeup Tricks Of All Time!

    eyeshadow, makeup tricks

    Image source: Wikimedia

    Makeup has never been so big. As soon as you look at social media, you’ll be bombarded with videos of all different kinds of girls and guys showing you their makeup tricks through a fun tutorial full of bloopers, spots, and all. The world has seemed to open up about their morning and evening routines, as once upon a time they would have been kept a secret so no one would know how they did this sorcery! But thank goodness the Queens and Kings of makeup have shared their secrets with all of us, and aren’t embarrassed by showing us their true face behind it all. Now you can see spots, scarring, pigmentation, and undereye circles – and exactly what you need to cover them up. While also showing the world that we all have our own issues and areas that we don’t like, or make us feel embarrassed and insecure. Read more