Beauty on The Go: How to Keep Fashion Fatigue at Bay

Effortlessly stylish and refreshingly beautiful even by the end of a tiring Wednesday? It’s not always as easy. That some women have managed to pull it off, juggling full-time careers, parenting, and spending an unknown amount of hours in the gym is a simple illusion. They’re not super-women, and they probably struggle just as much as us – it just doesn’t show.

Here is how you can squeeze in a bit of me-time into your busy schedule, and stay stylish even when you’re running late. It will give you a bit more energy too so that you’re able to fight off the fashion fatigue.

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Reinvent yourself with basics

A single stylish coat can do a lot to lift your looks and mood, in general. Some of the best ones are out there already, and you’ll probably notice how they define the look of their happy owners; you don’t really notice much more than the beautiful coat even if the person inside it is tired and only wants to go home. Have a look at Harper’s Bazaar for some trendy coat looks this winter, by the way.

Stock up on the basics, such as simple dress pants, blouses and cardigans this winter. It makes it a lot easier to piece together an outfit when you’re already running late, and you can throw on that stunning coat afterward to top it all up. Check out this functional Bricraft RFID Wallet as well, and you should have everything you need for the busy week ahead.

Hydrate! All the time

That a busy life leads to tiredness and fatigue is often because we forget to take care of ourselves. It’s nothing more to it, really, and you’ll do a lot to improve your energy levels by reminding yourself to drink water throughout the day and eat properly.

Get out of the office during lunchtime, have a walk and chat with others, and treat yourself to a big lunch. Don’t wait until you feel too hungry to cope and get out of the office before you start to feel restless. That way, you’ll be able to keep it going without feeling too tired – and you’ll look so much better doing it.

Keep your closet organized

How many of us are guilty of allowing our wardrobes to overflow even though we love our clothes dearly? Make a habit out of tidying up your closet – and not just whenever you buy yourself a new garment. You save so much time in the morning when it’s neat and tidy, and it’s way easier to figure out what you actually need when you have a sense of order.

Put your summer outfits in a vacuum sealer and store them away for the season. Put the pack in your suitcase, for example, ready to be enjoyed when the weather gets warmer.

Effortless style and beauty on the go goes hand-in-hand with good health. Nobody looks good or feels energized when they lack food, sleep, or water; take care of this first, and you should be ready to assemble a wardrobe that keeps you warm and stylish throughout the day.


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