Amazing Ideas For An Al Fresco Wedding

great ideas to getting hitch

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Getting hitched al fresco is one of the most amazing ways to celebrate your big day. You, your friends and family and the great outdoors, all of it playing into the hands of memorable and, dare we say, fairytale-ish. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning on doing it the grounds of some fancy stately home or in your own backyard, achieving bridal bliss with a spot of creativity, and ingenious decor-ideas should definitely being dancing across your ideas list.

And to help you sway this way, we have pulled together a few little tips, tricks, and ideas to prove that an outdoor wedding can help you create the wedding you always wanted, even if you didn’t know what you wanted before:

Provide Pillows, Please

We’re not sure what sort of seating you will be using for your outdoor wedding, but if they slot into that column marked ‘uncomfortable’ then you will really want to provide some pretty pillow. Most outdoor chairs are either wooden or wrought iron, which isn’t exactly the comfiest of chairs going. So, if you’re expecting people to be sat for any kind of duration, and pillows to them; at the very least they will look decorative too.

Pretty Parasols

You have no idea what the weather will do – not really, anyway – which is where a parasol on each chair can really come in handy. If it is hot and sunny then a parasol will offer some shade and if it is windy or raining then a parasol will offer some cover. Not only that, but just imagine how gorgeous that photo will look; a plethora of colorful parasols lined up as you say your vows. Awwww.

Do Something Unique

You have chosen to get married al fresco, which already makes your wedding somewhat unique. But instead of doing that overdone thing of getting a marquee or something, why not shake it up a bit? Look into tipi hire and have your guests get entertained with a festival vibe, each one gorgeously decorated and personal. Or you could look into a getting some shepherds huts brought in, or even head to The Wren’s Nest in Norfolk. Whatever it is, do it a little different.


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Funky Wedding Favors

Guests love wedding favors, and being outside offers you a great chance to get a little funky with what you offer. We’re talking about sunglasses, perhaps even getting the arms printed with your names and date. Flip flops or welly boots could be another neat little touch; something they can wear to dance in and take away with them. It is the little things like this that will keep people talking about your wedding for months and years afterward.

Consider Their Comfort

You chose to do this outside, so it is up to you to make sure your guests are comfortable. Luckily, you can do this with gorgeous little touches. If it is going to be a hot day. Consider printing your wedding program onto fans and supply each guest with a cooling spray. If it is going to get a bit chilly. You could provide wraps and blankets so that your guests can still feel toasty.


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