Honing The Spirit To Perfect The Body: The Basics

Women have a complicated relationship with their bodies. Thanks to the media portrayal of a perfect woman, it isn’t easy for ladies to feel comfortable in their skin. Still, it is something the majority of women want to achieve at some point in their life. While drinking green tea and fasting are two “foolproof” methods, they aren’t for everyone. If you prefer something less strenuous, you shouldn’t focus on your body at all. Instead, concentrate on the inner you and the results will follow. For the non-believers, the following is how the spirit can help hone the body.



It’s crucial to remember calories aren’t the only things which affect your body. Stress is another killer when it comes to putting on weight or knocking the body out of sync. Simply put, the more you can lower high cortisol levels the better it will be on your body. From a spiritual point of view, meditation is the key as it teaches a person to focus on the positives. In many cases, it shows people how to concentrate on nothing whatsoever. By getting away from the rigors of life, there is no need to stress out. And, if there is no reason to get stressed, there is no cause for the body to produce cortisol.



Speaking to a higher power works similarly but with one significant distinction. Whereas meditation is a one-way journey, prayer is a conversation. Sure, there may be times when there is no reply, but the process lets you get things off your chest. Plus, praying helps give you the strength to stick to a plan. God is popular, and psychic readings and spiritual advisors are all the rage for the same reasons. When a person needs answers about their body, they should turn to people who can guide them.


Let’s focus on the direct implications between journaling and maintaining a healthy body. It’s worth noting the effects of writing down your thoughts and feeling, but there is a more significant effect. Women who diet or try to resist temptation find it difficult because they lack structure. Writing down everything you eat and drink in a day ensures there is a level of organization to the process. All you have to do is check the diary and see whether you have consumed your calories for the day.

Yoga Body


Keeping fit and healthy isn’t complete without exercise. Whether you cut down on calories or not, it’s essential to burn off the rest. What workout plan is active and spiritual at the same time? Ahem, it’s yoga of course! Yoga is a low-intense exercise which helps keep you active and balances your mind at the same time. The key is to breathe in between poses. Okay, it sounds simple, but breathing correctly while exercising is hard work. Try and fill your lungs with oxygen every time you take a breath.

As the saying goes, it is mind over matter.


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