3 Ways to Get a Bad Smell Out of Clothes

If your clothes have an unpleasant and bad smell before and after you washed them the way you normally do, do not worry, it can happen to anyone. It is not an unsolvable problem, in fact; there are pretty easy ways to deal with various odors that are trapped in the fabrics. There are different types of smells, consequently; different types of ways to fix the issue in a blink of an eye and return the freshness of your clothes.

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Washing Machine

If you have forgotten your laundry in the washing machine for way too long, it probably smells like mildew now. Smelly laundry is not something to be afraid of. Simply wash the clothes again and do not forget the clothing at this time. Hang them outside, it would be even better if it is windy outside and wait to see if the bad odor is gone. If it still lingers, however, you will have to wash them again. Third time’s the charm!  But this time use the secret weapon – white vinegar! It can be applied in many cases where you need something to be cleaned. Either mix it with the detergent or simply pour a cup of white vinegar together with your laundry. The mildew can’t stand a chance now.


If your clothes have stayed in the wardrobe for too long, a musty smell might occur. We have a way to deal with that as well. Soak the bad smelling clothes in a solution of cold water and baking soda. The baking soda is a great means of getting rid of a bad smell. Leave them like this for some time, rinse and then dry them as you usually do. The bad odor should be gone. In order to avoid such trouble, clean your wardrobe regularly and make it prone to moist.


Baking Soda Solution

But that’s not all that baking soda does. The baking soda solution also removes sweaty smells. It also can be used in the process of cleaning the house are saying the professionals from Sparkling London. You either soak the clothes in a solution, or you apply a baking soda and water paste to the smelly areas and leave them like that for a while. After washing, the sweaty smell will no longer be there. This is especially practical for gym clothes or sports clothing for any other sports activity.

If you had a great night out but now your beautiful evening clothes smell like an ashtray from all the smoking in the club or the bar, simply wash them as you normally do. Perhaps the smell is way too strong, soak them in the above-mentioned solution. If it is a jacket, for example, hang it outside, let the wind do the job and you will have a non-smelly jacket in no time. This saves you the washing and the drying, consequently; it saves you time and you can wear your favorite jacket again on the next morning.

If your clothes smell of gasoline or other oil products, seal them in a bag full of baking soda and let them stay like that for a day or two. Then wash them as you usually do and the oily smell should be gone.

Get Rid of Bad Smell Now

There is always a way to get rid of the bad smell when it comes to clothes. Hopefully, another washing will do the trick, but that is not always the case. Luckily, we have baking soda and white vinegar that are helpful not only for getting a bad smell out of clothes. They also take part in other various cleaning hacks around the house. With the right “recipe” you can deal with every kind of clothes odor that your favorite clothes encounter.

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