Natural Hair Product Junkie Problems

natural hair product junkie

If you are a Naturalista or you just began the transitioning stage then you should know one problem that we normally come across is buying a bunch of products that do no good for our hair types. Instead, we get tons of flakes, build-ups, not much of the desired style and the list goes on. My advice based on experience is to stick to a product that works for your hair type and try not to splurge on a product that will not work for you. 

When we purchase products more than we actually want they are often times not used to their best advantage and they might have to get thrown out, donated to someone or just be another displayed item on our shelves. Until they become stock and pile; looking like the aisle in the hair section of the beauty store.

How to Avoid Over Buying Hair Products for Product Junkie
If you are a new naturalista start by buying products in small quantity. Continue this trend until you can find suitable products good enough to build your daily or weekly hair regimen. If products are bought in bulk more likely they won’t be used as often. I would recommend getting starter packs or sample size for your hair. Starter packs are a great way to prevent the extra spending and wastage of unnecessary product that does not work for your hair type. There are also hair subscription boxes like Curl Kit and Curl Box. Subscription boxes are monthly and start at $25 with a higher value of products and you get 4-5 products every month.

With all said and done to know if a product is suitable for your hair type then eventually you will just have to buy the product and try it. Also, if you have a natural hair friend or family you can sample some of their products to see what will work for your hair type.

Some product types that you should look out for before considering your purchase includes:
  • Any water-based conditioner that does not list water as the first ingredient
  • Product with fragrance in the first five listed ingredients
  • Shampoos that do not contain oil or silicone
  • Products that are not leave-in and contains mineral oil
  • Products with missing, incomplete or short ingredient list
  • Deep conditioners that are primarily made up of butter and oils
  • Any product with a cloying scent

These tips will convert you from being that product junkie. In return, you will buy more of the products that you need. Instead of products that do not work well for you.

How do you help yourself from not buying a product? Do you get inspired to buy a product from watching a YouTube video? Are you more of an impulse shopper? Do you consider yourself as a product junkie?

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  1. I barely buy products anymore, but definitely using what works helps. I hate when I want to try something new and it sucks. lol luckily I have sisters that I can give stuff to.

  2. I was once a junkie, hair product junkie. Lol. Im so spend conscious now. I'm glad you mentioned the list of Dos and Don'ts. I didn't know some of those tips. Thanks.

  3. I am in the transition, so this tip is so much appreciated. I purchased a ton of different products when I first started doing my daughters hair and I learned then that not all products work on her hair type. Now, I'm trying to figure out a) what's my hair type and b) what works. UGH

  4. Great list of things to look out for. I am going through my hair stuff today as l have not been able to grow my hair. Losing battle all around :-). Definitely tired of spending money on things that don't work!

  5. Thanks for the list of things to look out for. I also like your suggestion of beginning with starter packs. I have discarded a lot of hair products because I don't use them enough.

    Great post!

  6. Great list! This is my life. I have been natural for 6 years but tend to keep my hair in protective styles. However, I find myself buying any and everything for my 2 year old's hair, trying to figure out what will be best for her texture and style. Great list and great way to narrow things down a bit.

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