Beautiful Ideas for Short and Mid-Length Hair

A person’s hairstyle says a lot about their personality and image. Therefore, it is good to not stick to a plain hairstyle. Now, whether your hair is long, short, or mid-length, you can do everything to make it look fabulous. You just have to resort to certain techniques on how to make it so much beautiful. For short and mid-length hair, it can be a little bit tricky, but anything is possible. Remember that sporting a short hair is always pretty and it gives you confidence. Take all the hairstyles that will be featured in this article and prepare yourself for a new you!

As you know, there are different types of hair length. There are long, medium long, short, mid-length, and shoulder-length. Which hair length type does your hair belong? If your hair is mid-length or short, then you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to find some great hairstyles to fit your taste. Apparently, when you have a long hair, you can always do different hair tricks and stylings. But if your hair is short, you are always in for a challenge. Worry no more, because below are the hairstyles for short and mid-length hair that you might want to try and soon show off.

For short length:

wispy edges short hairstyle

1. Modern hairstyle with wispy edges

The wispy edges in this hairstyle are the ones that make the overall look of the hair fresh, fabulous, and youthful. This is a good hairstyle idea for women who are fans of modern bob. If you decide to opt for this hairstyle, instruct your stylist to make the wispy ends appear more natural.

pixie cut short hairstyle

2. Pixie cut

This is one of most opted hairstyles for short-length hair. It’s because it’s versatile and it makes the wearer look young and sophisticated at the same time. When styling your pixie cut and making it look more feminine, blow-dry your bangs to the side by using a small round brush. According to hairstylist Tim Rogers, “Wearing the bangs soft and side-swept can help minimize a square jaw and make a shortcut look less severe.” Also, if your hair is a brunette, you can color it into blonde to also give a lighter look which makes it girlier.

short crop up do short hairstyles

3. Short crop up-do

When you want a more glamorous look, go for this hairstyle. The swept up look always creates a bit of sophistication. It is especially a great option when you go to a formal occasion. To make it more regal, add some volume into it by sweeping the strands to a side and gel the sides back.

Classic Angled Bob short hairstyle

4. Classic angled bob

Most celebrities opt for this hairstyle because of its classic 70’s appeal. It exudes a Marilyn Monroe personality which makes you look more daring. To perfect this hairstyle, soften the wedged layers at the sides with a curving-in shape. This will make your lips and chin appear prominent and a little bit seductive.

For mid-length hair:

mid-length defined locks long hairstyles

1. Mid-length hairstyle with defined locks

This hairstyle is simply one of a kind. The shiny tresses and silky finish are enough to make it eye-catching. You can add some oil to make it look smoother and shinier.

mid-length pronounced layers long hairstyle

2. Mid-length hairstyle with pronounced layers

Sporting this hairstyle makes you look alluring. The jagged edges are the ones that provide the main attraction, therefore it’s nice to also check this hairstyle out if you are on a lookout for some light hairdos. To bring out the beauty of your face, flip your front locks out. Also, do the same on the back of your hair.

mid length bangs and wave

3. Mid-length hairstyle with bangs and waves

A mid-length hair can be flirtier when you add some bangs and beach waves to go along with your overall look. This type of hairdo is great for every occasion. You can sort it in a formal event and bring out a red carpet look and at the same time, you can flaunt it on casual occasions.

retro bouffant mid-length hair

4. Retro Bouffant Hairstyle

English actress Lily Collins once sported this hairstyle and it sure looked good on her. This hairstyle can be worn on many occasions. It gives out a classic and beautiful look. This hairstyle can be achieved by parting the hair between the center of your head and curling the ends of it. And to even match the beauty of your hairstyle, make your face look classier by also creating a cat-eye look on your eyes.

The hairstyles that are described and shown above are fantastic choices when you want something edgy and unique. You can also add some shades and colors on your hair to perfect your look.

Now you don’t have to stress out anymore about how difficult and challenging it is to choose hairstyles for your short length and mid-length locks. Beautiful hairstyles are everywhere! You just have to find out which one works out best for you.

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