Why you should wear linen clothes in summer

linen clothes

Summer is an exceptionally beautiful season, but the heatwaves can become pretty unbearable. Every single one of us wants to stay as cool and comfortable as possible, but with the temperatures getting higher than ever before, it becomes much more difficult to achieve this comfort in our everyday lives. The best way to cope with this heat is to find appropriate clothing. When it comes to finding the right clothes to endure this unbelievable temperature, linen summer clothes are the way to go. This fabric has many unique, incredible properties. When you try wearing linen clothes during the summer, you quickly realize how useful and irreplaceable they are.

Unmatched coolness

The biggest benefit of wearing linen clothing during the summer is the unmatched coolness it provides. Linen fabric allows a tremendous amount of airflow, while the texture of the fabric keeps it from sticking to your body. Although linen might seem like a rough and heavy fabric, it will not stick to your skin but will provide exceptional airflow. This way linen will wick away all the excess heat and moisture from your body, keeping it cool and comfortable.

Linen is very absorbent, but also an amazing conductor of heat. Because it is so good at removing perspiration from your skin, it protects your body for too much heat. The fabric quickly absorbs the moisture and just as quickly gets rid of it. Linen’s molecular structure allows it to absorb 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. Because it quickly wicks away moisture, you will suffer through extremely hot temperatures if you want to make it wet. Perspiration is our biggest enemy during the summer and linen is our best protection from it.

Great heat conductivity

As mentioned before, linen is extremely good at conducting heat. Linen is made from a flax plant, which is frequently used to make home insulation products. Heat conductivity shows the extent to which heat gets conveyed through linen. The fabric quickly allows the excess heat to escape, which allows our body to stay cool. Because linen’s heat conductivity is almost twenty times higher than silk and five times higher than wool, it makes it a very versatile fabric. Because of it, a lot of people choose to wear linen throughout the year, not just during the summer or use linen bedding in their bedrooms.

Because of the linen weave, it is also great at reflecting heat, which allows the wearer of linen clothes to feel as cool as possible. If you decide to wear linen clothes all summer, you can feel a significant difference in temperature, compared to the more popular choice of fabric like cotton.

Incredible durability

Linen is the world’s strongest natural fiber. That is why linen clothes have been worn and greatly respected for hundreds of years. Strength of the fiber helps us extremely durable linen clothes. This durability is the main reason why linen clothes last much longer and if properly taken care of, can be worn for life and even passed on to your children. As mentioned before, linen is a pretty, rough and heavy fabric, but it gets softer and does not lose its initial strength with every washing. Taking proper care of your linen clothes is easy, but extremely important. Although linen clothes might be more expensive than other options, they will certainly pay off.

If you want to take proper care of your linen clothes, you have to follow a few simple, but very important steps. You can wash your linen clothes with a washing machine, but avoid using bleach or detergents at all costs! This will only weaken this extremely strong fiber. Instead, use cold water and hang them to dry. Linen clothes have one negative trait – they get wrinkly quite easily. Some people like the unique look it provides, some don’t, but if possible, try to avoid too much ironing.


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