Not Just Another Wedding: How To Make Your Day Memorable For Guests

Everyone likes to think that their wedding day is going to be the one that stands out from the crowd. And sometimes, they do, of their own accord. Without even trying, somehow everything goes together. It’s the perfect blend of people, and the magic just happens. But more often than not, a wedding can settle into that “usual event” vibe. But it doesn’t have to; by including a few extra details into your day, you can make sure that everyone remembers your special day for all the right reasons.

wedding guests memorable

Welcome and Thank

If there’s one common complaint about weddings, it’s that the guests spend virtually no time with the bride and groom! Now, of course, you’re going to be pretty busy – and your mind might be a little preoccupied, too. However, it’s important to take the time to welcome everyone to your wedding, even if it’s after they’ve been at the reception for an hour or so. Also, keep in mind that people may have traveled from far and wide for one reason: to celebrate your life. Take the time to thank them all for being there in a speech.

Theme Your Decor

It’s hard to get the decor in your wedding absolutely right, but it does get easier if you pick a theme and run with it. You could have a rustic theme, or a classy theme, or a throwback theme. Whatever it is, it’ll help to guide your decoration choices. It’s easy – and tempting – to overlook the decor selections for your wedding, but it’s worth putting the extra effort into getting it right. It sets the tone for the whole wedding and is the first thing that people see when they enter your reception room.

Special Touches

What better way to make your wedding memorable for your guests than by including them in the day, in some small way? You should have a guest book, so that your friends and family are able to write a loving message. But everyone has those. Additionally, look at having a world map or globe at the reception, and ask your guests to pin where they’ve traveled from to be at your wedding. And what about the dance floor? Ask them to suggest one song for the playlist, and they’ll be at least one track where they’re rocking the dance floor.

The Entertainment

And talking of the dance floor, make sure you’re getting the entertainment just right! You should aim to have a blend of live music and DJ tunes. Remember: the music can make or break the party! Check out the best wedding bands here, and you’ll be on your way to hosting a successful party. Make sure you’ve hired a DJ for the after the band finish, too, that will play music that all generations can dance to.

Add a Surprise

Finally, why not add a surprise or two? A choreographed dance, photobooth, or special inflatable instruments for the dancefloor will all go down a storm, and be unexpected. They’ll love it!


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