First Trip to Hong Kong? Jot Down These Travel Hacks

Hey! Accept our heartiest congratulations for finally being able to set a plan for visiting one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Hong Kong is a truly beautiful place, and it is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. But, it can be a little confusing place for those who are not well-acquainted with it. Being the first-time traveller to the place, you can easily get into the tourist trap. We seriously don’t want you to lose your hard-earned money without getting worth for it. So, here we are sharing some travel hacks for visiting Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, monument

No need to be afraid of Mansions

As a tourist on a budget, you’ll certainly hold your wallet tight if we suggest you to book ‘Mansion’ as your accommodation in Hong Kong. But, let us make it clear that a mansion in Hong Kong is nothing sort of a mansion you imagine after listening to this word. Accommodation there is really a costly affair. Even, though there are some low-budget alternatives including the mansions. You can find cheap hotels, hostels and guesthouses located in mansions and these are way cheaper than the traditional hotels or restrooms. However, make sure you check ratings and reviews before booking a mansion because not all of them have the same standard of service.

Forget Google Maps while travelling in Hong Kong

Google maps work fine in many parts of the world. But, Hong Kong is not on the list of the Google map friendly place. You may blame it on the skyscrapers scattered all over the place. Google Maps tend to let down its users in Hong Kong every now and then. So, you should learn from the experiences of those who travelled Hong Kong before you. Get physical paper maps and travel around without any tension of Google Maps going down or giving you right directions.

Let your love for parks grow

Normally, urban city with high-rise buildings lacks green and calm places like parks. But, Hong Kong is full of parks all around where you can take a refugee from the crowds and madness of the streets. The most important thing is that these parks mostly allow free of cost entrance. This means if you can search the most beautiful and attractive parks; you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the place without burning a hole in your pocket.

Public transport welcomes budget travellers

There won’t be much benefit if you get cheap air tickets from Delhi to Hong Kong and spend more than that price on taxis roaming around. Like any big cities of the world, Hong Kong can provide you various options for private travelling. But, if you don’t want to mess-up with your budget, you should opt for public transports. The MTR buses of Hong Kong are good for going around the place.

Be an early bird

Hong Kong is a crowded area especially when you are going to visit any famous tourist destination. You surely want to visit and admire the attractions of the place rather than tackling with the huge crowd. Get ready and get going to your destination before everyone else. It is always good to have a 30-45 minutes’ buffer time whenever you are going to visit a highly famous tourist attraction of Hong Kong. If the gate opening time of a tourist attraction is 10 am, you should target to reach there by 9:30 at least.

Hope you have a great time vacationing in Hong Kong. If you find any travel hack during your visit that can be helpful for other travellers to Hong Kong, please do share your views. We will like to read, and our readers may get benefitted from your tips and hacks.


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