What to Wear as a Tutor or Teacher

More and more people are becoming tutors or teaching to help fund their travels or lifestyles. It is easy for anyone with a degree to be able to teach online, and it is even more easy for people to get a teaching certificate to be able to teach English in person, or online. With that being said it is important to discuss what is appropriate for teachers to wear, either online or in person.

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You need to be respectable. This means actually considering yourself as a proper teaching and dressing like one. Just because you might be teaching from a beach in Bali it does not mean you can teach your students while sitting in a bikini. Think about what a teacher who teaches in a school wears and begin to dress in that manner.

To be respected by your employer, students and their parents, and other teachers you need to be respectable yourself. Make that easier by choosing the appropriate dress.

What to wear

Although you are teaching from somewhere that is quite likely hot and sticky, you should be dressing appropriately for your lessons. Some ideas are listed below;

Teaching from somewhere that is not too hot

If you are teaching in a country which is not too hot then consider wearing a shirt and blazer. This can be accompanied by smart pants, or even a smart, longer skirt. Wearing something too short would not be appropriate for a teacher.

Another option is to wear a smart cotton shirt, that is comfortable but not too uncomfortable. This can be accompanied by smart trousers that do not necessarily suit trousers but are smart enough for the classroom.

Teaching from somewhere hot

This is where it becomes difficult. When you teach from somewhere hot you need to balance between your outfit choice being appropriate but also not getting you too sweaty, hot or even making you pass out.

A long dress is a good option, something floaty and light that lets the air into your body. Also, consider a cotton shirt which is loose, wear it with a long skirt or even smart, but comfortable loose trousers.

Another option is a plain t-shirt. A great way to make this more appropriate is to source a t-shirt which matches the brand colours of the school. This can be worn with a long skirt, smart but loose trousers or even culottes.

Teaching online

Things are a little easier when you decide to teach online. You typically are not standing up for any part of your lesson so you really only need to consider dressing the top half of your body appropriately.

Usually, when you teach online you are required to have a quiet environment, which typically means no fan should be turned on. This can make the room hot and you sweaty. Wearing a breezy t-shirt is a good option, so are loose cotton shirts and dresses which have something thick for straps – no spaghetti straps.

Your shoulder may need to be covered but this will be determined by the school you teach for. They may also require you to wear a certain colour or style of top, but they will let you know about this if they do.

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