How To Wear Flannel or Plaid Shirts

As you know I’m always on the looking for the new trendy outfits. Recently I’ve realized that my favorite fall fashion staple is, without a doubt, a plaid shirt. Of course, I like wearing plaid shirts all year round, but, frankly, they look the best and prettiest in fall and winter. Plaid or flannel shirts are the most versatile things I`ve got in my closet and I know more than a million different ways how to wear them to look stylish and chic.

Fannel and Plaid shirt

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But today I’d like to show you the most popular and interesting plaid shirt outfit ideas for fall and winter 2017/2018.

plaid shirts

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Grab jeans or leggings and a flannel shirt, when dressing for brunch with friends or going for a walk with your loved one. What a simple and, at the same time, attractive look! A vest, jacket or cardigan can be layered over the plaid shirt to keep warm and super casual.


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Among my favorite casual street looks is black and white flannel outfit. It is a universal way to look and feel cozy.

flannel shirts

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A plaid shirt under a sweater is the latest trend for fall and winter 2017/2018. You can just layer the flannel shirt under a sweater and let the collar, sleeves, and bottom of the shirt pop out to get a preppy look.

Flannel shirt

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Girls, don’t be afraid of oversized plaid shirts! There are a lot of cute ways how to wear an oversized flannel for a comfy weekend outfit. For example, you can pair your knee-high boots, leggings, and flannel (oversized one) with a scarf and have a perfect fall look or layer the oversized plaid shirt over the top and, of course, unbutton it if it’s warm outside.

oversized plaid shirts

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The flannel around the waist is almost classic. Tie your plaid shirt around the waist as 90s girls did to take your denim, T-shirt and leather jacket look to the next level.

plaid shirts with skirt

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If you want to forget about jeans or leggings for a while, it’s okay… Tuck your plaid shirt into a skirt and add tights for a splendid winter look. Besides, an eye-catching blazer or contrast belt makes the look more professional.

How do you prefer to wear a plaid shirt? Share what looks you love and you’re going to try…


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