5 Ways To Wear Your Fave Summer Dress This Winter!

If there is one item every woman has in her closet, it’s a summer dress. The winter may be here according to Jon Snow, but that’s no reason to throw it in the garbage. Whatever the weather, the summer dress stays until the weather is warm enough to wear it once again.

But, what if there was a way to don your fave summertime dress in the winter? Even better, what if you didn’t contract hypothermia and pneumonia in the process?! It sounds like a win-win all around to fashionable females from here to Timbuktu.

But, words without action are pointless. So, without further ado, below are the five ways to wear a summer dress in the winter. Get ready to be the envy of the neighborhood!

1: Wear It As A T-Shirt

No one wears a dress as a t-shirt in the summer, but the warm weather is no more. To be stylish and practical, you have to adhere to the technique of layering. A single dress with no additional garments is going to be very cold indeed. So, the key is to use it as a foundation for the entire outfit. Just put it on and then add other, warmer items on top. To wear it as a T, you can slip on a trendy pair of jeans and an open jacket. Or, a cardigan works as long as the material is thick. A word of warning: don’t use a big dress. Full summer dresses add extra bulk which can appear unflattering. As a result, always go for a thin layer underneath and add the warm stuff on top.

summer dress

Image source: Phxere

2: Wear It As A Skirt

As Newton said, “for every action, there is a reaction.” How do an ancient scientist’s laws of physics apply to fashion? Well, by flipping the script and wearing a LBD as a skirt rather than a t-shirt! Trying to use a little black dress as a T is going to be pretty unbecoming. However, thanks to the length of the bottom half, it looks fab as a makeshift autumnal skirt. The things to watch out for are the straps. If they are showing, it’s obvious what’s going on under the hood. With a sweater that has a long neck, though, covering the straps is a simple task. Should the legs get cold, you can pop on a set of trusty black tights to stop heat loss.

3: Layer It Under A Sweatshirt

Savvy shoppers will know that Anthony’s has a wide variety of sundresses and maxi dresses which are difficult to resist. The fact that your closet is full of them, then, isn’t a shock. What is a surprise is the cost of leaving them unworn in the wardrobe until the summer returns. Replacing summer items is a time-consuming and costly business, particularly for a fashionista. The good news is a humble sweatshirt may be the answer to your prayers and the prayers of your bank balance! The key is to mix and match a sun or maxi dress with winter staples such as a hat, boots and statement coat. The dress may be long but it isn’t a problem because it provides extra protection against the elements.

4: Use A Turtleneck As A Base

The main issue with wearing summer dresses in the winter is visibility. To wear them as a base for the outfit, there’s a chance the other pieces will cover it from view. Then, what is the point in wearing it in the first place? You want the dress to stand out and to be warm, which is where a turtleneck comes in handy. Just put the long neck on underneath the dress and start layering in reverse. Newton’s at it again! Next, use a jacket which isn’t big and overpowering. In the winter, a gilet is a girl’s best friend because it’s trendy and pragmatic. Thanks to the cut off arms, everyone will be able to see the dress shine.

winter summer dress

Image source: Pexels

5: Match With A Statement Coat

Do you want to wear a summer dress on its own without a turtleneck base? Yes, some women find too many layers are uncomfortable, which is perfectly okay. If the weather isn’t freezing cold, the layers can get hot and sweaty and work too well. But, you don’t want to take a risk and get caught out in a snowstorm in a dress, either. The compromise is to pair a summer dress with a statement coat. Forget about jackets because they are too slim and chic. You need something long and thick for protection, such as an old school parka.

Just because winter is on your doorstep doesn’t mean you can’t give it a summer feel!


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    Hi Tione, in your blog you suggested the great ways to wear my favorite summer dress in winter. These all ways looks very fashionable. I am ready to enjoy the winter with fashion. Thanks!

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