How to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding

If you are already planning the big day of your life, you might be thinking about a way of making it memorable and unique at the same time. Whether you are a fan of a particular TV show or want to make your wedding day as romantic as possible, you can talk to your wedding organizer and your bridesmaids about a theme that will impress your family and friends. Find out more about choosing a wedding theme that might make it to the headlines of local papers.

wedding theme

“Martin & Karro’s wedding” by Robert Nyman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Stand Out

Do you have a favorite movie or TV character? Instead of going for the usual white dress, you can dress up as your idol. Even if you get a traditional wedding and dress up nice for the day, you might want to appear as Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood at the reception. Have a favorite movie? Help your wedding company create a special theme. Ask your friends and family members to come up with relevant theme ideas.

Have a Message

The best way of making your wedding memorable is to create a central message, such as love, hope or family. Once you have the theme, you can invite local artists to create decoration, and local bands to perform songs related to your message. Start thinking about your speech and what you want to share with your guests on your special day, and order word art decoration for your reception room.

Choose a Color Theme

It is important that you have strong color theme for your wedding. Generally, your wedding organizers will give you different two-color combination options. For a summer wedding, use bright colors, and use bold ones if you have your special day in the winter. Match all decoration with the two main colors, and get accessories that emphasize the theme.

Invite Celebrities or Lookalikes

One of the best ways of making your guests remembers your wedding for years or decades is to create a musical theme or build it around a decade. If you are an Elvis fan, you can invite lookalikes who will perform his songs at the reception. If you love the 90’s, you can get people to get dressed up as famous movie stars from the era and entertain your guests.

Mike Goren Wedding Theme

“Winkel & Balktick Wedding-themed Party” by Mike Goren is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Find a Special Place

Finding the perfect location for your wedding can be challenging. You can book a hotel on the beach, or get an outdoor wedding, with a huge tent. If you are a nature lover, you can look at offers at where you can spend a few days near the beach with your friends and enjoy some special treatment, as well as outdoor sporting activities.

Planning a perfect wedding  – according to some people – is a full-time job. It is certainly a challenging task to make your wedding memorable and built around a theme that expresses your personality and individuality. Choose the right location, color theme, and let your guests compliment on your taste and planning skills.


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