Unique Gift Ideas For The Beauty Queen That Already Has Everything

If your bestie or your Valentine is a makeup and beauty enthusiast, then it can be difficult knowing what gift to get for them. They’re likely to have the makeup that they want and need, and you don’t want to run the risk of getting the wrong shade of concealer for them. So when shopping for this kind of beauty lover, you do have to think outside of the box a little and get them something unique that they’re likely to not already have. Stuck for inspiration? Then here are some ideas for the beauty-obsessed-queen in your life that are a little different. What do you get the girl that has everything, right?

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Makeup Brush Cleaner

Your beauty-loving girl is likely to have some brush cleaner to help get rid of the old foundation or bronzer. But other than that, they may just have a bit of a ‘DIY’ job that they do themselves. So why not get them a super professional looking cleaning system for them? Your friend is pretty much going to thank you forever when they don’t have to wait such a long time for their brushes to dry. The one from StylPro could be a good option, but is a little more on the pricey side, so will depend on your budget.

Nail Polish Tape

Any beauty queen is going to have her nails on-point. So something to make her hail art much easier is going to make a real difference, and is likely not be anything that she would just buy for herself. You can get nail art paint tape that you draw on around the skin of the nail. Then as soon as you’re all done, you can simply peel it off. No mess and mo worrying about having to be really delicate.

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Organic Products

Whatever we put on our skin or hair is going to enter or body. So looking for a treat of some organic beauty products could be the luxury that she is looking for. Often they have a bit of a higher price tag, so it is likely that she doesn’t buy them for herself. You can get many different organic skin care products online so it could be worth looking into. Just make sure that you allow enough time for postage if the gift is for a special event.

Unicorn Hair Dye

For a bit of fun, and something a little different, how about getting some non-permanent unicorn hair dye? Pastel rainbow stripes are all the rage and can perk her up in an instant. It is a pretty inexpensive gift to get, so you could get with some other unicorn themed goodies, or even a hair masque to put on after the dye has been used. It is the little things and the thought that counts after all.

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Gift a Jewellery

Give her a gift that would last throughout time. A gift that can be worn close to the body; fits like a bracelet but tells the time instead. A  watch can be used as a commitment and on Valentine’s Day proposals are expected; as the old-fashioned states if you are unwillingly making a commitment first the watch, then the ring.

Have you got any of these items on your wishlist? It would be fun to hear what your top picks would be and what you have on your valentine or birthday gift list!


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