Want To Tone Your Body? Here’s A Few Things To Try

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Whether the promise of summer starting soon has got you thinking, or you’re finally ready to take the plunge, you might be thinking about toning up your body. When you first start to think about getting in shape, it can often feel as if you’re starting a losing battle. But, toning up from head to toe doesn’t have to be something you dream of, it can easily become your reality.

If you’ve tried to whip yourself into shape in the past and failed, don’t be discouraged. Just because previous struggled with toning up, doesn’t mean you always will. It could just be that you’ve not found the right solution for you. If that’s the case, aren’t you glad you found this post? From traditional exercises and fun activities to alternative choices and changing your lifestyle, there are plenty of options to try out to tone up your body for good.

Lifting Weights

One of the best ways to tone up is to lift weights. Now, you don’t have to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger at all, but lifting weight will ensure that you both burn fat and build muscle. It’s this combination that gives you the gorgeous toned look that you’ve been searching for. First of all, when you do a workout with weights, you burn a significant amount of calories, which will help you to burn fat. You also start to build some muscle definitely which gives your body a great shape. And don’t worry, you won’t start to look extremely muscle – it’s not an option because muscle growth takes a lot of hard work. It can’t happen by accident.

Drinking More Water

Next up, you’re going to want to focus on upping your water intake. When you drink more water, not only do you increase your energy levels and allow your body to function better, but you can also kick start your weight loss. Upping your hydration levels not only increases your metabolism, but it also helps to keep hunger at bay – which can be crucial if you’re also trying to clean up your diet and curb overeating.


Yoga is another option you have to help you on your toning journey. Not only is it a great way to clear your mind, get motivated and increase your ability to be calm, but yoga is also an incredible workout. You get to stretch out your body, which also helps you to tone up your muscles. Less intense than weightlifting, but with its own set of benefits, yoga could add a new dimension to your staying-in-shape journey.

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Body Sculpting

Sometimes, you can try every single avenue available to you and still struggle to tone up. Whether you have a medical problem, or you have stubborn fat that you’ve never been able to burn off, you might want to think about body sculpting instead. When exercise and healthy eating just can’t cut it, you can often feel down. You can also feel like you have no other option. But, body sculpting could be a way to get rid of the fat and feel better about your body. To help you decide whether it’s right for you, you can read all about it here


If you can’t find a workout class that suits your availability, or if you hate team sports, you might find that running works wonders for you. It might sound simple, and that’s because it is. Running not only clears your mind fuels you with energy, but it also pushes your body to the limit. You can burn lots of calories and build a little muscle in your legs too. Running, or any other form of cardio, is often most effective as a part of a healthy lifestyle program, alongside eating well and other types of exercise.

Eating Clean

Next up, you need to work on that diet of yours. Yes, you eat your fair share of fruits and vegetables, yes, you love burgers and fries, but it might be the time to cut back on cookies and cakes. Sometimes, you have to be harsh on yourself to see results. But it is all about balance and not deprivation. If you’ve ever heard the saying, abs are made in the kitchen, then you will know all about this. Eating healthier could be the difference between finally getting in shape and staying as you are.


When you struggle to find a type of exercise that suits you, you can feel at a loss. You know that exercise is a part of the parcel when it comes to weight loss and toning up, you just can’t seem to find a kind that sticks. But don’t let that get to you or set you back. Instead, why not think about joining a boot camp? You don’t even have to go on a crash course; you could sign up for a camp that lets you attend once or twice a week and help to keep you on track. Sometimes, putting your body’s fate in the hands of professionals is all that you need.


If you can’t face eating another salad and you do better at balancing out your diet than you do sticking to something strict, you might be interested in juicing. Juices are a really great way to inject your body with all the vitamins and minerals that it needs. When you juice, you’re also giving your body a lot of goodness. Alongside balanced meals and measured portions, you could find that the inclusion of healthy, tasty juices in your diet works a treat. To start you off, you’ll find some good recipes here –

HIIT Workouts

If you’re incorporating some of the other options into your life and starting to see results, you might be interested in amping that up a little. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to do that. Firstly, when you do HIIT, it puts you in your natural fat burning state. So, you have a better chance at being able to get in shape sooner. Combined with weight training and eating right, HIIT can be an extremely effective form of exercise and will ensure that you get in shape.



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