Man The Fort! The Surprising Nature Of Fort Worth

Once upon a time, Fort Worth was nothing more than just a small town. Yet, where both the outlaw cowboys and businessman would come to do a trade. They would sell food, water, horses, guns and liquor from this outpost. Eventually, the town became a city and now it’s got inhabitants of around 880,000 people. For many years this city was treated as the gateway to the further western states, and therefore known as the ‘where the west begins’. You can see why as there is a mixture of lush green vegetation and barren desert where the hot baking sun takes no prisoners. Since it is Texas, you will have plenty of choice for Mexican cuisine. There are literally thousands of restaurants with some of the best authentic cuisines you can find in all of Texas. They are situated in among the city where some of the financial buildings meet with the new housing complexes.

Six Flags over Texas

In this state, they are prepared to tell you the truth about what they want. They want big thrills and that is possible at Six Flags Over Texas. It’s a huge 200-acre space with rollercoasters and fun carnival rides. Gotham City is by far the biggest attraction piece of the whole park. Here you will find the twisting and zooming nature of the Batman ride. There are unique themes of different characters in the various rides such as the bumper cars in Joker style. There’s also a slew of fun games you can play such as trying to squirt gun the right side of Two-Face’s head. As you can imagine, there’s also a ride and an educational hotspot for the oil industry. Texas is filled with some of the largest oil fields in America so the tall but fake oil well is something to see.

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Right by the jets

Fort Worth is an incredible city but it’s also very busy. It’s been noted as the boomtown of Texas many years over and it continues to grow, now nearing almost one million people. So, you can hang your hat in a hotel near DFW Airport for your convenience. If you’re staying for a weekend of just a little more, this is the perfect spot to relax. You’re right by your exit which is the airport, but you’re bothered by all the noise. You have the option of booking a room with a king or queen size bed. You have access to a jacuzzi to relax after a long day out. If you don’t feel like cooking in the morning, don’t worry because you’re served a free hot breakfast every single morning.

A place to gaze

After a day of thrills, you might want to take it easy for a day. Head over to the Kimbell Art Museum. The building itself is a great feat of engineering and architecture. However inside you can find some still life art pieces, as well as educational installations about the local wildlife and history of the city.

Take it slow or take it rough and fast in Fort Worth. You can stroll around enjoying the scenery and admiring the art, or you can go 60 mph on a rollercoaster ride in Gotham City.


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