The Importance of Self-Worth

As we journey through life, challenges and hurdles are thrown at us from all angles. This is normal. The uncertainty of everyday life is part of the adventure and part of the fun! What’s important is that even if the challenges become overwhelming, you maintain a strong understanding of your talents and your abilities.

This is a post dedicated to the power of self-worth and why you should never forget how great you are, even at the worst times.



Social Situations

Social situations are the backbone of humanity. We are social creatures that gravitate towards one another and having a good conversation can lead to huge health benefits, both physically and mentally.

Talking and being around others doesn’t just improve your mood, it also boosts your happiness and self-confidence. This boost in happiness is then conveyed through conversation, making the person you’re speaking to enjoy themselves even more. This is the power of self-worth.

Have you ever noticed how those people that are full of confidence attract others? There’s something about how our minds work that means we enjoy being around people who are sure of themselves (or act like they are sure of themselves).

Even if you’re having a rough day, all it takes is one good conversation to boost your self-worth and start attracting even more people, boosting your confidence further – like a cycle of positivity.


Self-worth has a drastic impact on salary, even if you don’t quite notice it. Employers have a variety of ways to calculate what salary they should offer an individual. Some use salary surveys, some use experience, some use interviews and some use all three.

Salary surveys are a business’ method of comparing what they’re paying you to what other people with your job title are being paid. Using this information, they can decide what salary to offer you. Experience is defined by your previous jobs and your knowledge within a field, whilst interviews involve a much more human approach; a one-on-one chat with your employer where they gauge your ability and get an understanding of who you are. This is the area where self-worth truly makes an impact.

In the previous section we covered how confidence and self-worth attract people to you, making them like you; well, the same applies in job interviews or pay reviews. Managers and employers are just people after all, if you act like you know what you’re doing and believe in yourself, they will naturally be inclined to agree with you.

If your employer has faith in you, then you can expect a pay rise in the future and often, a little extra cash can help you deal with life’s challenges more comfortably (though money isn’t always the answer).



Relationships of all kinds, whether romantic, family-based or just friendly, are drastically affected by your image of yourself. Often, how you view yourself is projected outwards into how you treat others. Being insecure about your own abilities can lead to you inadvertently blaming yourself for problems, resulting in self-isolation and fear. These feelings of isolation and loneliness inadvertently damage relationships, as well as damaging yourself. Similarly, over-confidence can lead to alienating the relationships you do have, leading to the same loneliness. Ultimately, just like everything in life, balance is needed.

Quiet self-confidence shows people that you believe in yourself without suppressing their views or doubting your own. This is what makes people enjoy socializing – connecting with others on an equal level. Try your best to achieve this balance and you’ll see more people gravitate towards you.

To Conclude

This post is about education. It’s much harder to change how you feel about yourself than just flicking a switch. The aim here was to show you just how much believing in your own abilities can do! Because everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin.

If you’re not full of self-confidence right now and want to find a way to reach that point; consider what makes you happy and pursue it. Hobbies and passions are the best way to meet new people and as mentioned before, socializing is one of the most important factors in self-worth.

Never forget how brilliant you are!


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