10 Fun Family Friendly Activities to Enjoy in Miami

family friendly activities

Miami is not all about wild nightlife and luxurious resorts. You can plan your vacation to Miami with your children in mind. Making sand castles is not the only fun activity for your child. Here are some fun family friendly places and activities that both parents and children can enjoy during their Miami holiday.

Miami Helicopter Tour

There are many Miami helicopter charter tours you can book. When you book Miami helicopter charter tours, you can find many packages. Unless your child is scared of heights, they are sure to make the best memories during Miami helicopter charter tours. The tours can take you over all the beaches of Miami and even the city.

See the Seaquarium

Seaquarium is one of the oldest oceanarium in the country. Your children can see marine wildlife that they would not be able to see anywhere else. Educational shows can help your children learn the importance of environmental conservation while enjoying the show.

Enjoy the Everglades Experience

Everglades is a unique biosphere where your children can see animals like alligators and manatees. Visit the Sawgrass Recreational Park to give your child a glimpse of the Everglades. Visit to the park comes with an Airboat ride and the change to touch a baby alligator.

Go Wild at Jungle Island

Jungle Island is an adventure park that every member of the family can enjoy. At Jungle Island you can see how Miami embraces its natural ecosystem into its cityscape. Your child can enjoy the waterpark and wildlife that the park hosts. You can even get discounts on tickets by pre-booking tickets on the Jungle Island website.

Flip out at FunDimension

FunDimension is the go-to place for families that love Arcade games. The Sprawling building houses all kinds of arcade games imaginable. You can unleash your gamer spirit at FunDimension.

Soak in the Miami Children’s Museum

While museums are educational, they can get boring for children. The Miami Children’s Museum is a fun museum for children. The museum has exhibits that allow your child to get hands on. It is the perfect place to spend a day away from the hot Miami sun.

Chill at the Venetian Pool

Another place where you can cool off is the Venetian Pool. The spring-fed water park is a little out of central Miami, but the commute is worth it.

Let Loose at Crandon Park

Crandon Park is the best place for families since they have activities that both parents and children can enjoy. Picnic gardens, carousel, seahorse fountain, roller rink and the long stretch of beach is the perfect place for families to spend a day of leisure.

Take a Walk at the Miami Zoo

Apart from the animals at the Everglades, your child can see animals from around the world at the Miami Zoo. There are many educational shows that your children can enjoy. Camel rides and giraffe feeding sessions make the largest tropical zoo if the country a favorite family destination.

Ape out at Money Jungle

Monkey Jungle is a new twist on how people should view wildlife. At this wildlife park, you get to walk through cages and view monkeys enjoying the open spaces. It is a unique experience that is sure to impress your child.

There are many more wonderful places in Miami where you can enjoy a fun holiday with your child. These ten activities and destinations must be on top of your list.


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