The Dos and Don’ts of Underarms Hair Removal

underarms hair removal

Few things are more off-putting than a woman who has hair on their armpits. Underarm hair removal is one of the basic grooming steps for both male and females. Unfortunately, the armpits are very sensitive, and most people experience painful ingrown hairs, bumps and discoloration after waxing or shaving. There is always the option of underarm laser removal, which is gaining traction with a lot of women.

Whether you choose to wax, shave or underarm laser hair removal, the armpits still have to be groomed. Here are the dos and don’ts to ensure you have a good experience:


1. Clean the armpits beforehand

Apart from the accumulation of deodorant and bacteria, armpits also produce a lot of sweat that can make hair removal a bit difficult. It is therefore imperative that you wash your armpits with warm water and soap. If you are shaving, you should do it when taking a shower because the hair is wet and the skin is hydrated. However, if you are waxing, you should pat the area dry and apply some talcum powder before hair removal.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating helps to remove dead cells, dirt and impurities on the surface and also open up pores. You should exfoliate before hair removal because it will make it easier for hair to come out and also make the process less painful. However, you should also exfoliate a few days after hair removal to prevent ingrown hairs and skin discoloration.

3. Stretch your arms fully

You should stretch your arm completely when shaving, waxing or even using laser hair removal. This is because the skin under the armpits should be flat and well stretched to avoid hurting any folded skin and leaving some hair unattended.

4. Remove hair in the right direction

Hair tends to grow in one direction, and that is how it should be removed. If you remove it from the opposite direction, it can pull the skin and cause irritation. This is more important when waxing because you are literally ripping hair from the skin. You should do it in the direction of growth.

5. Wear loose clothes

It’s vital to wear loose-fitting clothes like t-shirts after hair removal. The skin is a bit sensitive after shaving or waxing, so you need to let it breathe. Cotton clothing will be the best because it’s soft on your skin and will absorb any sweat.


6. Don’t ignore the aftercare

Once you are free from underarm hair, it’s important to keep taking care of the area so you can prevent ingrown hair and bacteria. Make sure you wash the armpits at least once a day and apply some soothing moisturizer like aloe Vera gel. You can also exfoliate once a week.

7. Don’t go over the same patch twice

Unless you are using laser hair removal, you should not shave or wax the same patch repeatedly. This will irritate the skin and cause bumps.

Underarm hair removal is crucial if you want to smell nice and wear sleeveless clothes. If done the right way, you can enjoy hairless armpits that are bump-free and beautiful.


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