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    5 Hair and Skin Benefits of Using Argan Oil

    argan oil
    If you are looking for some magical potion that would transform the texture of your skin and hair, Argan oil is the answer for you. It is a natural oil that is extracted from a Moroccan tree. Argan oil is rich in nutrients that include vitamins and other fatty acids that are best for our skin and hair.

    Currently, it is the number one choice of all the celebrities who prefer it as a cosmetic product. Once you buy it, you will feel the inevitability of this liquid gold in your life. Yes, Liquid gold I said because that is what is called by most of the people around the globe.
    You must be getting all curious as to what can be so magical and beneficial of this mere oil. To satiate your curiosity, here are some amazing benefits of Argan oil for hair and skin that will convince you to make it a part of your vanity box:

    The Best Lip Treatment:

    If your lips are getting all cracked and losing their color, Argan oil can give you perfect lip treatment. You can simply apply two drops of it every night before going to sleep.
    You can also make your own lip scrub by mixing brown sugar and argan oil together. Then apply it gently on your lips to exfoliate. It will revamp the skin of your lips and make them softer and smoother just like a baby’s.

    Hair Repair and a Styling Agent:

    This amazing oil is used by many for styling and settling hair in place. The best part is amidst making your hair look sleek and shiny; it also brings the lost health and volume of your hair back. It also works best as a dry shampoo leaving your hair beautifully scented and without a split end.

    Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks:

    If you are embarrassed to wear revealing clothes because of the ugly stretch marks all over your body, fret not! Just apply lukewarm oil wherever there are stretch marks. This will help the skin of that particular area to repair and also save you from getting more stretch marks due to the improved elasticity of the skin. Vitamin A and E present in this oil have a great impact on the damaged skin and make it healthier and glowing.

    Bring Brittle Nails Back to Life:

    Weak and brittle nails take all the beauty of the hands away. If you want to make your nails stronger and bring their shine back; apply Argan oil on them using a cotton ball and then wear gloves right before you go to sleep. You can make it a permanent part of your manicure kit and use it more often to maintain the strength of your nails.

    Best Moisturizer and Acne Repellent:

    Argan oil is the best moisturizer for face and body; especially for those who have oily skin because it is completely non-greasy. The daily use of this amazing oil does not only moisturize the skin. It also repairs the damaged skin, fades away the blemishes and reduces inflammation as it consists of anti-oxidants and vitamins that are friendly to sensitive skin.

    Hair and Skin Benefits of Using Argan Oil


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    Oil Rinsing with Conditioner

    If you have coarse, thick hair that can be hard to manage at times, then you might want to consider oil rinsing. As this helps to soften the hair and make it much easier to manage and maintain.

    I normally oil rinse my hair every time I shampoo since this makes my hair softer and more manageable. If you have problems with dry hair then this Oil Rinsing method is good for you. You can use any of the recommended oils mentioned below along with conditioner of your choice. I prefer to use VO5 since its cheaper than other brands and my hair uses a lot of products. 

    Benefits of Oil Rinsing 
    • moisture retention
    • hair becomes much easier to detangle
    • less single strand knots 
    • smoother, softer, shinier hair 
    • eliminates frizz 
    • gives a natural shine 
    Recommended oils 
    • coconut oil
    • olive oil
    • almond oil
    • grape seed oil
    • castor oil
    How to Oil Rinse
    1.     Thoroughly wash hair with shampoo and rinse
    2.     Select your oil of choice and apply it to your hair 
    3.     Apply conditioner and massage into scalp and unto hair 
    4.     Allow the oil and the conditioner to sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes, you can also put a plastic cap over hair.
    5.     Rinse hair thoroughly using cold water.
    6.     Style hair as desired
    Have you tried oil rinsing? If yes, did you like your result? If not, would you try it and post your result in the comment box below.
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    DIY Homemade Deep Conditioner for Protein Sensitive Natural Hair

    If your hair is protein sensitive it is said to be that your hair will feel dry, brittle or becomes broken after applying a protein rich product or a deep conditioner. If you apply a super protein rich product in your hair and you start to experience a lot of damage, dull strands and a straw-like texture then your hair is protein sensitive.

    This homemade recipe was designed especially for protein sensitive hair so that one’s hair can feel soft, manageable, voluminous, tangle free, hair shedding free and to achieve shiny defined curls.

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