How To Stay Confident During The Events That Matter


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Confidence is a golden resource. We often know when we have it. We often feel when we don’t. Confidence has the habit of helping people live their best life, of seeming more magnetic to other people, but an over-supply of it can lead to people who are less than relatable, and who seem to simply annoy us with their presence. A good mixture of confidence and humility can make a person truly stand out and feel wonderful to be in proximity to.

There are many guides on the internet that describe the art of cultivating confidence. After all, it is like a fire to be kindled and not a vessel to be filled. Over time, it can deteriorate, so it’s best to always keep the fire stocked through positive action. For example, heading to the gym in the morning and working out hard can give you a sense of pride and inner-security all day, no matter the fact that all your good clothes are currently in the laundry and you’ve had to make do with your old garments.

However, sometimes there are moments in life when confidence is needed in order to see you right. It might be that you’re interested in finally talking to that guy or girl at the local cafe you visit daily, or perhaps you have an important speech coming up for a work presentation, or more importantly a wedding. It’s these moments that often call us to be our best selves because our ability to perform well will impact the experience of other people, not just ourselves. This might seem like a huge pressure for some people when listed in this way, but it’s important to remember that this can actually inspire us to take further action in our attempts to get better.

Consider these methods for staying confident during the events that matter:

Have Your Priorities Straight

When you have a singular, direct focus, it’s easy to blur everything unnecessary out and only focus on that which you need to do. Theatre actors don’t come out and discuss matters with the audience during the intermission, only after the show is completed. Athletes don’t think about their home problems when facing the race ahead. If you’re giving a speech at a wedding, remember that expressing your truest emotions and memories will be much better than trying to make everyone laugh, or think you are the coolest person in the room. When you have a higher goal it’s easy to brush everything off, and then your natural sense of focus and confidence can come to contribute.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It can be extremely worthwhile to find help somewhere. It might be that for a public speaking gig you visit a service such as Toastmasters well in advance to help you refine your skills, or perhaps use best man speeches writing services as inspiration for your own. It might be listening to self-help philosophy, or perhaps simple practicing in a safe space and not being afraid to such can have a massive impact on your performance.


Get out of your head. Focus on the now. Meditating in advance can help you become a person with much more presence, care and moment to moment understanding, and this can help you focus on the task without any of your personal anxieties getting in the way, at least in a much-reduced sense.

With these simple tips, staying confident during the events that matter is sure to be a worthwhile cause.


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