Boho vs Traditional: How wedding trends have changed

We’ve all imagined our perfect wedding day – the white dress, the stunning location and the romantic first dance. Times have changed, however, with modern weddings becoming less traditional than those of the past. Only one in four people now opt to marry in church, with quirkier locations, ceremonies and decorations on the rise.

So, what is a boho wedding exactly and why have they become so popular in recent years?

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The definition of a boho wedding

Before we go into the details, let’s define what it means to have a boho wedding. Simply put, it is an unconventional ceremony which has a carefree and relaxed atmosphere. No matter where it’s held, the theme of nature and being natural is prominent throughout.


One of the most popular aspects of a boho wedding is handwritten vows. A large percentage of us are starting to write our own vows to add an extra personal touch to the day. We all know we will be there ‘for better, or for worse’, but putting your own spin on it can really add to the true meaning of marriage and what it means to you.

The vows for some wedding goers are the next best thing about their big day — behind the dress. So, it’s no surprise that bohemian brides and grooms are choosing to pen their own verses to tie the knot.

Couples have also started to look at more unusual wedding rings for their big day, opting for bespoke or handcrafted designs rather than buying from high-street jewellery stores.


Handmade decorations allow couples to add their own touch to their special day and save a little bit of money in the process. From wedding invitations to seating plans, those of us with a creative streak is taking advantage of shabby-chic boho designs to put a unique spin on the event.

Flower power is also huge if you’re looking to have a boho feel to your wedding day — you can never have too many flowers! This could include a floral archway under which to exchange your vows, a flower swing or floral chair décor. They work particularly well when combined with an outdoor theme.

Of course, the ‘gypsy’ boho feel wouldn’t be complete without hanging dreamcatchers. These little decorations are simple to produce yourself and can quickly transform the whole feel of your big day.

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The traditional wedding dress is also changing, after all, nothing says ‘boho’ like a quirky outfit. While nearly three-quarters of us still choose white or ivory as our wedding colours, pink, blue and purple are becoming more prominent in our colour schemes. Appearing in an elegant and effortless design is now a popular decision which can match a bride’s laid-back style. With an overall ‘organic’ feel, gossamer meshes, delicate laces and floral motifs are helping women don their perfect dress that suits their personality more than the glitz and glamour of old.

It isn’t just women following this trend, either. For some men, it’s the little aspects that make all the difference. Bright coloured socks or a stylish cravat, for example, can really set off an outfit. For some, a casual look is also an option and open-neck shirts with no tie, or braces, are both acceptable if they match your boho theme.


According to a recent survey, the most popular wedding theme of 2017 was ‘woodland’ or ‘rustic’ – 16% of weddings in the UK followed this trend. This shows that we are moving away from traditional weddings and functions as people try to inject their personality into their big day.

Country House weddings are very appealing to couples planning a boho wedding, as they can provide a space that can tap into both the traditional and quirky categories. If you just want to tweak a few aspects, they often have outdoor space available where you can add a tent, tipi or any quirky covering. Warehouse weddings are also up-and-coming, as they give you a blank canvas on which to work your magic.

Outdoor spaces, with enough room to pitch a huge marquee, are also sought after for those looking for a quirky touch. If you’re in the five percent who plan to get married abroad, a beach location is ideal for the boho big day. Unfortunately, the UK isn’t the best ‘beach wedding’ destination ever, with our weather forecasts so unpredictable.

Whilst it can be stressful to organize a wedding, you should always remember to have fun during the ceremony. After all, the plan is to only have one in your lifetime! With boho weddings on the rise, they’re a sure-fire way to put your own spin on ideas that have lasted the age of time.


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