7 Simple Changes That Will Boost Your Confidence

If you ask a group of people what they would most like to change about themselves, one thing that many of them would say is that they would like to have more confidence. After all, those who are confident do seem to be able to get further ahead in life because they aren’t afraid to ask for things, for example. Simply having more confidence is not something that can happen without some thought and effort on your part, but that effort doesn’t have to be too strenuous. It can even be fun. So here are some simple changes you can make in your life to give yourself more confidence.

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Have A Compliments Jar

A compliments jar can really help to boost anyone’s confidence, no matter how much they might feel shy or worried about things. We all know that it can be extremely difficult to accept compliments, and it is much easier to ignore them or deflect them with a self-disparaging remark. However, doing this will actually lessen our confidence even more. In order to become more confident, you will need to learn to accept these compliments as they were intended and believe in them. Most people won’t give someone a compliment unless it is true.

When you are given a compliment, writing it down and adding it to your compliments jar will help you in the future. If you’re ever feeling down or you don’t think you’re good enough, you can read through the compliments you have collected and make yourself feel a lot better. This might just be the confidence boost that you need.

Take A Walk

Getting outside in the fresh air and going for a wonderful walk can help you hugely. If you’re worried about something such as attending a social function, a job interview, or anything else that might cause you stress and concern and therefore knock your confidence, the act of going for a walk is often enough to re-set you and de-stress you so that you can look at things from a different perspective. A walk is an ideal way to come up with answers to your problems. If you have any overhanging worries, you should try and establish a clear plan, and a walk can clear your head and process these stresses. If you are having financial problems, for example, you can look into unsecured credit cards for no credit, and that will solve your credit issues. You might work out the ideal strategy for your job interview. You might be able to come up with reasons why you are going to succeed, no matter what.

When you are walking outside, your brain becomes more oxygenated, and that increases your happiness levels, as well as your general confidence. You’ll feel so much better about yourself and any situation you are in, and the best part is, walking in nature is free.

Eat Better

It’s strange to think it, perhaps, but eating more healthily really can boost your self-confidence. Not only will it make you look good, which will make you feel better about yourself and make you more able to speak up and ask questions, for example, but it will also keep you healthy. The better you feel, the more confident you are that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

When you think you look bad or you’re not good enough, those feelings will indeed show on your face and in your general demeanor. Other people will quickly pick up on how you are feeling, and they will treat you in the way that you expect to be treated. This won’t always be through choice – it is instinct in many cases. If you feel better about yourself, you will project a much more confident, happy exterior, and people will pick up on this instead. This will help to boost your confidence even more.

Sleep Well

If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression or any other issue that might be causing you to have difficulty with your sleep you can learn more about CBD for insomnia. As discussed above, having a positive mindset can make all the difference when you want to be more confident. If you are feeling tired or overworked, that positive mindset and the exterior that goes with it can be swamped by negative emotions instead. Getting a good night’s sleep can help you to feel a lot more confident. Firstly, you will be more productive when you are well rested, and that will be a sure sign to yourself that you are capable of doing whatever it is you want to do. Secondly, getting enough sleep is good for your health too, because sleep is when our bodies are able to rejuvenate. When you wake up feeling healthy and happy and looking great, your confidence can’t help but be more confident in everything you do.

See The Dentist

Your smile is something that you can use to promote confidence and friendliness, and if it doesn’t look its best, you can certainly lack that confidence which can have a detrimental effect in many other parts of your life too. Regular visits to the dentist can help you because your dentist will be able to spot anything happening to your teeth before it becomes a much bigger problem. Good teeth, healthy breath, and an engaging smile are all part of what makes you confident on the outside, and that will lead to confidence on the inside. 


Something that many people do when they feel they lack in confidence is to use visualization techniques. This involves imagining an image of yourself doing something incredible that you can be really proud of. It could be anything from getting a new job to gaining a degree or other qualification, to buying a new house. Whatever it is that you want to achieve needs to be in your mind. Visualizing yourself achieving your goals can often help to give you the confidence to go for it in real life too.

Learn New Things

There is always something new to be learned in life, and by learning new things – perhaps a language, or joining in with an art class, or reading a biography – you will feel better educated and more informed in life. This will give you much more confidence to join in with discussions and give your opinion, and the more you do that, the better you will feel and be perceived.


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  • Cheryl

    I love this post! It is so nice to see a fellow blogger understanding the importance of confidence and giving tips that are achievable and not far away from reach! I hope you continue to write like this and inspire the rest of us because it has definitely been helpful!

    August 27, 2018 at 3:14 pm Reply
  • Emma

    Great post 🙂 We all need help boosting out confidence sometimes so thank you 🙂

    September 12, 2018 at 10:44 am Reply
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