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Have you ever gone to do groceries or a quick stop at the beauty supply store and upon reaching the supermarket and/or beauty supply store you suddenly forget exactly what you went there for? Instead, you come out with different items and left the main ingredient behind. I have seen women go to the stores to get one item and came out with multiple on different occasions. I too have been in this position, therefore; I keep a shopping list handy at all times. With ad hoc reporting creating your shopping list and bringing it with you just got super easy. Ad hoc reporting allows you the user to organize your shopping list at any time you need it.

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Often when I stop at a beauty supply store I might forget the shade foundation that I wear (this happens especially if you are a makeup newbie) and if I’m planning to do a contour, highlight I would like to find a shade that is dark enough and one that is at least 2 shades lighter than my skin tone. During watching videos on YouTube, I like to look for similarities and try a few products recommended by Beauty Vloggers. At this stage, I start creating my shopping list by jotting down the items that I need to create that beauty face. Also, when shopping for hair extensions and products I would like to know that I am getting the exact product I need for a specific hairstyle.

How to Create a Shopping List

A shopping list can be easily created by jotting down the desired items that will be used by an individual or multiple people. For beauty lovers, a handy makeup shade guide can save your life when shopping. Meal preps are a great way of taking advantage of a shopping list. It helps to get all the ingredients to create a wonderful dish. I have been creating and making a shopping list from being a teenager. I also create a list of purchases I made online from different stores; just to be sure I did not miss an item or something got misplaced by the shipper.

When to Use a Shopping List

  • Shopping for more than one people
  • Picking up relevant items that you wouldn’t want to leave behind

Reasons to Shop with A Shopping List

A shopping list is a useful tool for meal prep, beauty buys and much more. Shopping lists are convenient as it reminds us what items are of top priority that we use in our day to day life. Whether it is for the household or personal supplies. A shopping list helps to save time as it eliminates the mindless wandering around each aisle thinking what item should be picked up. It will help you to spend less on impulse purchases. As you are directed to the aisle to pick up the items written on the list. A shopping list can come in handy on every visit to the supermarket or beauty supply store. If you hate waiting in the long lines at the grocery with self-service reporting consumer shopping becomes fully automated with the use of a vending machine, kiosk stations that offers a virtual customer service.

A shopping list helps to shop smarter and it won’t let you leave an item behind. Start planning your shopping list today whether for your diet or to contour your face to the Gawds!


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  • Lauren Dodge

    I agree with you totally! I don’t know how many times my husband calls me and asks what kind of ink our printer takes or when we get home and realize that we still need butter. Haha.

    January 4, 2018 at 2:14 pm Reply
  • Charli Dawns

    Really like this idea! I scramble around at least once a week looking for what I’ll need for meals and maybe this could help me not feel so overwhelmed by that!

    January 4, 2018 at 2:18 pm Reply
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