Things to Consider when Traveling with Pets for the First Time

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Traveling is no more limited to the two-legged travelers. Now, even your four-legged companions can travel with you and get special services to give them comfort and safety. The main problem that arises is how your pet can reach the destination without any problem. Traveling alone can sure be fun because you have to deal with fewer responsibilities, but with a pet, you need to consider few measures in order for them to stay safe and healthy. Following are the things that you can consider while traveling with a pet for the first time:

Make sure you have the right carrier

One must always check the airline’s requirements for the appropriate size and type of carrier that you are allowed to bring your pet in. Most require the carrier to be between 16 and 19 inches long or less, and about 10 inches tall. Don’t try to make your pet fit in a carrier that is too small for it can suffocate him. Keep your dog by your feet and before placing the carrier check if there is enough space underneath the seat.

Book early and know the fees

Airlines have limited number of seats for the pets so make sure to book them in advance to not make any further delays. Also, you must know that extra charges are required to be paid if you want to travel with your pet, so do check for those costs once before booking.

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Prepare your dog

You should always prepare your pet a day before traveling. Specific oils, sedatives, and medications can be used to calm the pet. You can use lavender oil or CBD Oils for dogs since these help the pet relax on the plane. Place a drop of the oil on your hand and let your dog pick up the scent, it will help to cure the anxiety and stress caused during the travel. Certain sedatives and medications can also be used to cure anxiety.

Make sure that you have a health certificate for your dog from the vet.

Try to get a health certificate from your veterinary doctor even if the airlines don’t ask for it. There is no harm in getting one. It doesn’t cost too much, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This certificate will act as a proof that your pet has all his shots and vaccinations and is free of any disease.

Pack all the necessary things

Always make sure to keep enough food, toys, and treats for your pet to get him through a few days when you land. You can bring a non-spill water carrier and a bone to keep your furry friend occupied during the long flight. Also, your pet should be given enough water as to keep him hydrated and not over hydrated. Some pet owners prefer to offer their dog with an ice cube to play with during the flight. This keeps them hydrated and also act as their pastime.

Enjoy traveling with your companion

Last but not the least, enjoy traveling with your four-legged friend to the fullest and don’t miss a moment to capture. You will be glad to know that even the hotels these days provide special services for your furry friend, so you don’t have to worry about the treatment of your pet at the place you are staying.

Travelling becomes such a delight especially when you are traveling with your four-pawed friend, so keep all these points in mind before boarding your next flight or your very first flight with your pet in order to provide him with all the comfort it deserves.

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