When to Say Thank You with Cards

Basic Invite Thank You Cards

Have you ever been in the position where you want to say thank you but don’t know how to say or go about it? If yes, then try to put it into words by using these special custom thank you cards for a more personal touch. Saying thank you is more than a statement, it is a way of showing appreciation and love for a thoughtful act, expression or gift.

Thank you notes can be sent for just about anything but should always be used in these situations:

For graduation

Often graduation invites are limited, and it can be hard to select who to invite. We go on to celebrate with an after-graduation party where all your family and friends are invited. They later show up with gifts as a congratulatory. Show your appreciation by sending out thank you cards to everyone who showed this is a great gesture.

For bridal or baby shower gifts

Showers are generally done on your behalf. Even though you thank the giver in person, you should still send a written note of thanks.

Basic Invite Thank You Cards Wedding

For wedding

Thank you for wedding gifts should be sent within 3 months after the wedding. Consider writing the notes as soon as gifts are being received.

Congratulatory gifts or cards

So, you just got accepted in college, bought your dream house and/or got your dream job. Your friends decided to congratulate with gifts or cards with a personal message. For anyone that sends gifts/cards should receive a thank you with cards.

Gifts received during an illness

Thank you letters for hospitals/during an illness should be sent after the recipient is well enough to send them – even a friend or family member can help to put together a thank you note on the patient’s behalf.

For condolences note, flowers or gift

This is usually the hardest time for anyone. Whether flowers, a personal notes or donation was received. A thank you note should be sent to the giver.

Thank You Notes Guidelines

These notes should be meaningful and personalize to the recipient. You can also include pictures of the gifts being used. Thank you notes should be sent as soon as possible. Even if you don’t care for the gift still send a thank you note; that gift can be later passed unto someone. Please refrain from making rude comments and always spell check to ensure that name and the note is written correctly.

Get Personalized Thank You Cards Online

Basic Invite provides you with a wide selection of colors to choose from, a physical custom sample available to you before print and purchase, over 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from and free address collection service to get you started. Each thank you cards or note can be personalized instantly with a preview available to you for each and every change you make.

Saying thank you is better than not saying anything at all plus it helps to keep the friendship going. Say thank you today!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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