Replacement Shakes And HCG Diet: Are They Perfect Partners?

Diet replacement shakes are an interesting topic of debate among HCG dieters across the globe. Such shakes themselves are a way to slim down, and many dieters want to combine them with their HCG diet plan to maximize their weight loss. Some simply want this because they love their protein shakes while others opt for this because they feel preparing a meal is a tough task. Whatever be your reason, if you too are confused whether to include diet replacement shakes in your HCG diet plan, then you’ve landed on the right page. We intend to answer all the queries you may have about diet replacement shakes and HCG diet.

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Does The Protocol Allow The Use Of Protein Or Diet Replacement Shakes?

If you are talking about the original HCG diet protocol developed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s, then the answer is no. Dr. Simeons never talked about the use of any type of diet shakes in the protocol he developed for HCG dieters. The concept of using shakes with HCG diet has been developed recently. But, some HCG diet experts include certain diet shakes in the protocol they provide to the dieters. For, any further information on HCG diet, you can visit

What Are The Opinions Of Dieters About Using Diet Shakes On HCG Diet?

Based on their opinion about diet shakes, dieters can be classified into three groups. The first group consists of die-hard followers of Dr. Simeons who maintain the view that if it is not given in the original protocol, it is best to keep away from the shakes.

The second group consists of people who tried diet shakes but did not continue. Although the percentage is small, there are dieters who claim that their weight loss either stalled or slowed down after they replaced their meal with a diet shake.

The third group consists of supporters who replace one of their meals of the day with diet shakes. If their claims are to be believed, they lose more weight on days they use replacement shakes, as compared to days without a shake.

If you go by the experience of dieters, you can get more confused. So, let’s take a look at the opinion of experts.

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What Is HCG Diet Experts’ Opinion About The Use Of Diet Replacement Shakes?

As discussed earlier, the concept of using shakes on HCG diet is of recent origin. So, experts of the present time include diet shakes in their HCG protocol, but there are some rules. You cannot take just ANY diet shake when you are on HCG diet. There are some guidelines you need to follow while selecting a diet shake for you. The rules include:

  • Your diet shake should not contain any sugar except for stevia.
  • Choose a diet that is all natural and contains no sugar, artificial flavors or lactose.
  • Diet replacement shakes should not contain any of the fruits or vegetables in the restricted category of HCG diet protocol.
  • You cannot take more than 100-calories of shakes per serving. And, you cannot swap more than one meal per day with any diet shake.
  • Avoid taking diet shakes that are high in fat and carbohydrates, as these will be stored in the body as fat that you are trying to shed off. Any diet shakes you choose should be low fat as well as low carbs.
  • Choose a shake with P/FC number higher than 3.
  • A serving of shake should not provide you more than 10-grams of carbohydrate.
  • Always choose whey protein over soy protein as they are easier on your digestive system.
  • If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can take protein shakes with soy. But, if you take meat in your diet, you should always avoid purchasing shakes that contain soy.

How To Use Diet Shakes On HCG Diet?

Now that you know you can make some shakes part of your HCG diet to keep your meal varied without affecting your diet, you must know the rules of including them. Keep these following things in mind if you want to include diet shakes in your meal plan for HCG diet.

  • Whenever you swap any meal of the day with a diet shake, don’t keep it the only thing you consume. You need to augment your diet shake with the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables for your lunch and dinner. It is important because the diet shakes are not sufficient enough to provide you with the required vitamins and minerals found in vegetables and fruits.
  • If you are taking a protein shake, make sure that you do not cross your daily limit of protein intake. In fact, keep it to a level lesser than the recommended protein dosage.
  • A protein shake is not enough for your protein requirements. So, don’t consume your recommended dose of protein only through the protein shake. You need to take protein from other natural sources in order to fulfill your body’s demand.
  • Never use a protein shake as snacks between your meals. If you are including shakes in your diet, always keep it in your lunch or dinner along with the normal servings of fruits and vegetables. Your snacks should always be fruits because they boost body’s metabolism due to their complex vitamins and fibers. Proteins do just the opposite. So, a protein shake should always be the part of major meals i.e. lunch and dinner only.
  • Don’t forget your goal of total calorie intake while gulping your protein shake. In addition to checking your protein intake, also calculate the number of calories you are drinking in the form of protein shake.
  • Instead of sticking to one protein shake, keep it diversified. Buy more than one type and mix and match them to keep your protein intake diversified. As a dieter, you must know that diversified foods give best results.
  • Blending up your protein shake with ice is considered better than just shaking them up. This will take some time but you are trying to adopt the habit of eating healthy, right?
  • You can use coconut milk or almond milk for your protein shake but count the calories. If you can do without adding such stuff, it’s better not to do so.

Protein shakes are not the best thing to be recommended but they are a good option when you are searching for something easy to diversify your meal. So, you can include protein shakes in your diet if you follow the above-discussed rules. But, if you can prepare your food at home according to your diet protocol, no shake will be better than that. It would be best if you keep protein shakes for those busy days when you have no time to prepare your meals at home. There is certain protein shakes designed for HCG dieters. But, if you don’t find one, don’t compromise on the shakes that break the HCG protocol. Choosing the right kind of diet replacement shake is always the first condition for allowing any dieter to include it in their HCG meal.


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