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A Relaxing Retreat: How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a relaxing retreat within the home, which you can visit to unwind once you return home from work. It can also make those hectic mornings feel much easier, which will ensure you have a great start to the day.

With a variety of little changes to your current bathroom, you can enjoy an indulgent space you’re happy to use day after day. It doesn’t matter if you have contemporary or traditional tastes, read the following helpful advice on how to create a luxurious bathroom.

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High-End Materials

To create an elegant, sophisticated space, it is worthwhile investing in high-end materials, such as marble, stone, solid wood, or limestone. You should aim to incorporate these luxury materials into the floors, wall, and sinks to develop a stunning bathroom you’ll happily use every day.

High-Quality Bathroom Storage

Too many items on display will appear unkempt and cluttered. Improve a room’s style and functionality by investing in high-quality bathroom storage. For example, wall-mounted furniture can be the ideal storage option for smaller bathrooms, as it will provide more floor space. It might also be wise to choose bespoke solutions, as it can help you to perfectly use every inch of the available space inside your bathroom.

A Freestanding Bath

A freestanding bath is the epitome of luxury. Position the tub in the center of the bathroom to create an impressive focal point, which your guests will not be able to miss when they walk in. You should also install a bath shower mixer to create a tub that offers timeless elegance.

The Perfect Radiators

The little details matter when creating a luxurious bathroom. While choosing a stylish toilet or bathtub is a given, there are other alterations you might need to make to your space. For example, tired radiators will look the opposite of luxurious, which is why you must upgrade the system. Find the best designer radiators for your bathroom at Warmrooms.

Sophisticated His & Her Sinks

If space allows, his and her sinks can be the perfect addition to your bathroom. It’s an ideal option for busy couples, who can wash and brush their teeth together every morning in harmony. It will also provide you each with your own personal space in the room, which can add a touch of luxury to your home.

A Wall-Hung Toilet

If you are hoping to create a modern bathroom, a wall-hung toilet is a worthy consideration. The toilet will be mounted onto the wall, and the cistern will be concealed within the wall, which can maximize floor space. In addition to offering a contemporary appeal, it will also be easy to clean each day, and you can enjoy a neater finish.

Stylish Bathroom Fittings

The bathroom fittings you choose will determine your bathing experience. For example, if you want to awaken your senses every morning or night, you should invest in a large fixed shower head for easy cleaning. You could even install body jets to massage your aches and pains gently.


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    I wish we had the space to have his and hers sinks. What a treat that would be! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales

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