Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner

Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner

Blogging can be an enjoyable thing; especially if you love to write or simply jot your thoughts down. However, when you have to dig through tons of daily email to follow up on leads etc., scroll through social media to catch the latest scoop, prepare and schedule and contents it can be an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, this is where a blog planner comes in handy. With a blog planner, it allows you to jot down every detail and you are not limited to anything. I got my planner from Purple Trail where I was able to customize it to my liking. From sizing, cover page to the inside pages. Read along to find out more about my Blog Like a Boss Purple Trail Blog Planner:

Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner

Purple Trail Blog Planner Features:

The Purple Trail Planner has a lot of features that allows you to customize your blog planner to your liking. Some of the noticeable features are but not limited to are:

  • There are more than 500 designs available to choose from but if you are good with art; feel free to work your magic and create your own customized style.
  • The different blog planner size to choose from such as 6×8” or 8.5×11”. If you are a travel blogger the 6×8” would work right for you since it is small and easier to carry around. If you don’t need to haul around with your blog planner then go for the 8.5×11” it allows for more space to write since it is bigger.
  • Cover options: hard book cover, laminated cover and the synthetic cover with frost sheet.
  • Choose your start month or year and 12 months or 18 months duration: sometimes we might fall behind the time when planning things. For instance: we missed out on January month planning you can easily purchase your book to skip out January and begin at February instead.
  • The book is of high quality paper, it is not flimsy or easy ripped.
  • Inside pages allow enough space to create your doodles and plan out your content etc.
  • Spiral bound to keep the pages intact
  • 2 page weekly spread and 2 page monthly calender
  • Adds on such as Password Log, To-Do List, Bill Tracker, Check List, Sticker Pack, Folder Pack and so much more.

Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner

How I Designed my Planner

Well, I didn’t do a design from scratch since a premade cover page grabbed my attention at first sight. However, I thought the planner wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t add my blog logo to it. This I placed to the left-hand corner of the content planner. The details of my selection/customization can be seen below:

  • Name of Selected Planner: Blog Like A Boss Content Planner
  • Hard Cover, 8.5″ x 11″
  • Cover Type: Hard Book Cover
  • Inside Page Theme: Colorful
  • Layout: 12 Months Content Planner
  • Paper Type: Standard
  • Start Month/Year: January/2019
  • 1st  Add-On: Password List (+$3.95 each)
  • 2nd Add-On: To Do List (+$3.95 each)
  • 3rd Add-On: Bill Tracker (+$3.95 each)
  • 4th Add-On: Check List (+$3.95 each)
  • Sticker Pack & Pocket Folder
Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner


Blog Like a Boss: Purple Trail Blog Planner


Purple Trail Content Planer Review

With this planner, I am able to keep track of my daily blog and social media stats, set goals and jot little notes as I go along. The planner is of durable hardcover material; it will last a lifetime with little or no care. This planner is thick, sturdy and heavy. It has a wire binding which will keep the pages together. On the inside cover page, you will be able to write your name and contact information. A page is dedicated to all US major holidays and dates 2019-2020; I like to keep up with these events which makes this planner a plus for me. There are laminated tabs that mark the important sections of the planner such as the months of the year and your specified add-ons. With the printed tabs you can easily go through the book without getting lost.

There is a reminder at the middle of the planner for when it’s time to reorder your planner. Thank you cards are also enclosed with a discount code and an information booklet. Add-ons such as password log, to-do list, bills tracker and checklist are placed to the back of the book. It has a folder packet to keep loose pages or just about anything that can fit.

The book can be easily designed to your liking and the site is easy to maneuver; as you place your images, quotes and text to design the book.

Feel free to use my affiliate link to create your own planner:
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  • Regina

    I don’t have a planner but think I ought to get one of these!

    February 19, 2019 at 1:06 pm Reply
  • Jessie Jing

    What a great gift idea for a blogger friend- thank you for sharing!

    J x

    February 21, 2019 at 7:16 pm Reply
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